Man drives Toyota truck into dealership, woman drives Camry into laundromat, both blame unintended acceleration |

Toyota is in a lot of trouble these days as it has recalled a huge number of vehicles, from almost everywhere around the world either due to faulty gas pedals, which get stuck, or because of floor mats which wind up pushing on the accelerator pedal.

But while this gave the Japanese company a lot of problems, it also seems that it has given some people a great thing to blame for accidents, as two recent crashes involving Toyota vehicles have happened in the span of just a few days.

The first one involved a woman from Pennsylvania, which allegedly tried to park her 2007 Camry in the lot of a laundromat, but, according to her own statement plus one from a laundromat worker, the car started accelerating on its own, and ended up crashing into the building itself. According to the police, the floor mat of the vehicle was found on top of the gas pedal, which could’ve caused the whole crash.

Another incident happened at a Toyota dealership in Louisiana, where a truck owner went to allegedly service his truck and receive the fix to the unintended acceleration problems. But, according to him, he was told to wait a long time, which he refused, and attempted to leave the dealer. This is when the truck started accelerating out of control, and like the Camry above, crashed into the building.

But while the Camry story might have some true facts, this last one is a bit fishy, as some reports indicate that the man was extremely furious, and demanded that the dealer take back the truck and give him his money back. When the representatives declined and tried to explain that the problems will be fixed, he refused, and was quite upset.

Do note that we’re not really pointing fingers, as the investigations are ongoing, but it’s interesting that these accidents happened immediately after the whole recall went public. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Autoblog, The Advocate

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