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Every person in this world that has a driver license is looking to buy a car as fast as possible so they practice what they had learned in driving school. And beside that driving is very good for business people, for person that want to get faster from one point to another and for the driving passionate persons that simply enjoy driving and traveling with their own car around the country and not only.

And because in our days buying a car with personal finances is a little bit difficult if we think that a car is pretty expensive and we can’t save those money in a short time, most of us get a loan from bank or from leasing companies so we can buy the car we want fast and easy.

No matter if we discuss to a bank employee or a leasing one, we can ask them to calculate our monthly payment and all details we need to know to get the loan. But all banks and leasing companies developed a new way so we can calculate our own monthly payments and this is called car calculator payment or auto loan calculator.

Car Calculator Payment

The car calculator payment is a tool designed to help us know upfront what we have to pay if we get a loan for buying a car. We just have to insert in some fields dates like vehicle price, down payment, trade-in value, sales tax, interest rate is already filled accordingly to every bank and the terms we want to get the loan (from 1 month to 36 months) and then the software calculate the monthly payment. It is extraordinary that we can calculate this, because we can look a car after how much monthly payment we can afford.

This car calculator payment can also calculate affordability. This means that if we insert what amount we can pay monthly, the calculator can show us the price of the car we can afford. This is also an important tool that helps us decide easily about the amount we can spend on the car of our dreams.

And finally but not in the end this financial instrument show us the difference between loans and leases regarding interest rates and all applied by banks and leasing companies. The customer should always be informed before taking a decision. Financial decisions are very hard to be taken and have long term effect.

So whenever you want to use the payment calculator for car loans, you have available 24/7 on websites for cars and on banks websites. And along with your family can quietly decide how much to spend and how much time you are willing to pay for a car that you will drive in the next few years.

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When buying a car, a driver dreams to make it more beautiful and competitive. Sometimes cars has all inclusive on them, but if we choose to buy a cheaper car we have to be prepared to invest some more money to put some additional endowments.

The obsession of all drivers is the rims for cars. In present days, rims are very popular and there are so many models from where we can choose. There are 2 types of rims for cars: alloy rims and steel rims. The alloy rims are better than steel rims because there are more resistant to scratches and can last longer without any breakage and they look like new even after many years of usage. The components of the alloy rims are aluminum and chrome so this explain the resistance we talked about. The steel rims, beside the fact that are not that resistant, are also very ugly. Most of the people that use steel rims, put over them cover to make them look better.

Rims For Cars

There are several models of rims for cars, and their name is accordingly to the company that produces them. I will give you some examples: AEZ LeichtmettalRader (this producer has many models like Air Blade, Excite dark, Intenso, Lascar, Nemesis, Sotara, Quadro and so on), Dotz Tuning Wheels ( is one of the producers that makes rims especially for those who enjoy tuning their cars and has some models like Dakar, Freeride Peak, Hammada, Tupac and so on), Dezent (this is a German producer that made rims for the most eccentric drivers and we can mention the models like A, F, J, K, V and so on) and Enzo (this producers is mostly wanted for the most ostentatious drivers because its models are very elegant (and from this brand model we can identify 101 Dark, H, R, X).

Choosing the right rims for your car is also something very delicate. First rims are made for every car model, after we find the right brand for our car we have to choose for the right dimensions (diameter, length, internal hole). After all this is set, we can choose color (black, white, silver)and after all these are set there will be left for chosen only few models, so it will be easy to have one for our car.

Rims for cars not only give a very nice aspect to our wheels but also give to the driver comfort and self –trust. And some car specialists said that rims are representative for driver nature as humans. Elegant drivers will have on their car elegant rims, eccentric drivers will equip their cars with eccentric rims. So, car is the mirror of human nature if we read after the rims of the cars of every driver.

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The black book car values is a system of evaluation your car available on the Black Book website.

The black book websites are available for Canadian and U.S. cars and contains used cars, new cars, researches about cars and components of them. Anyone who is interested in finding a car (to see what that is capable of), to sell or to buy a car or to evaluate a car can freely visit the Black Book website.

For the Black Book car values you have to follow some steps that begin with inserting same dates about your car, like fabrication year and model. After this fields are filled the program presents you a true evaluation of your car giving you the best price you can obtain to sell it. Also this clever tool can calculate how much your vehicle will depreciate in the next 1 to 5 years, because we all know that a car is getting older with every kilometer we use it and by getting older is getting also cheaper than we bought it.

Black Book Car Values

If you never know how much your car values we can confirm to you that Black Book Value is a trusted source of evaluating cars and finding the correct price for over than 50 years. It is also helping wholesales to obtain the best price for used cars and dealerships to calculate the residual values. This websites from Canada and United States has trusted sources that help them calculate exactly the values for new and old cars available to customers, the trade value of a vehicle, the possible future value after depreciation and the average price for asking.

Regarding the trade-in value we can affirm that is an intelligent tool that helps you receive guideline value of the car.

If you also want a correct future value you have to choose a car not older than 4 years, so it can fit the website database for this option.

And the average price option is helping you find the best price for a car no matter  if you are buying or selling. Because the specialists of Black Book Value monitor every day the lists with car price, they are able to give you the best price for the car you are interested in. You are free to decide your price, this calculation available on Black Book is only for your reference, so you can see how is the current market on the mentioned model of the car.

In the end after evaluation is presented to you, there are 2 links available that show you that model available to be sold or to be bought. So this is also one option made to help customers searching and posting their announces.

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Most of the people, after buying a car, wish to make it more attractive and start make some improvements in this way. Beside rims and inside improvements, many drivers use the car window stickers so the windows look more beautiful or if they are business people, drivers can put the brand of their business on the car windows.

Usually, there are 4 types of car window stickers: cut vinyl lettering, magnetic stickers, simple stickers and pid plates.

The vinyl lettering is applied with adhesive. This window sticker is a little bit difficult to be removed after appliance, but it looks very beautiful on car windows. In this way, drivers can apply on their windows letters or drawings (like companies logos).

The magnetic stickers are the same made of vinyl material, but on the back of the sticker is applied a flexible magnetic sheet for the sticker to be easily removed from your car or van windows. These kinds of signs are perfect for the car owners that need to apply and remove signs fast and easy. In this way when you get tired of a sticker you can replace it easily and keep the old sticker so put it back on the window.

Car Window Stickers

Simple stickers are the cheapest stickers available because of their production costs. These stickers are manufactured by printing letters or logos on a high quality paper sheet that will stick on your car window. After being cut the letters from the paper sheet are attached to an adhesive flexible clear plastic that is laminated.

Pid plates meaning also personal identification plates are made through the injection molding procedure. These plates are resistant to weather bad conditions because are made of the same good material as the car manufacturers use for the cars identifications letters. The essential condition of those pid plates is that they should look like are part of the original texting on the car. It is a little bit difficult to apply the pid plates on the windows, because those are created to be applied on the trunk on the car.

The car window stickers are by our choice black or colored, letters or drawings, logos of personal interests or business interests. We can choose the manufacturer whatever size we want and we can also choose them to apply to our car windows if we can’t stick them easily and nice. They will make our vehicle looks better and our windows to be more expressive for the people that read the stickers or just watch them.

And when you order car window stickers you better be very careful about the quality of them because bad quality stickers can damage your windows of the car and can remove themselves in a short time leaving a lot of marks on the glass that will be removed with big difficulty.

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The automatic car starter is the new revolutionary way of starting a car engine without the usage of the ordinary key. All drivers know that starting the car automatically with few minutes before driving in cold winter morning is something that in the past was considered a dream.

This new system looks like a regular remote control of the doors of a car but it can do much more than just closing and opening the doors of the car. It is very easy to use and brings the car and the driver only great advantages.

Automatic Car Starter

This system has multiple ways of starting the engine: at request by pressing the button for RS and will work for a programmed time, temporized, for automatic start of the car with programmed duration of engine, of a programmed number of times, at programmed periods of time, and Smart Start, for automatic start of the motor when are accomplished one of the following conditions – the temperature inside the car is less than a programmed temperature between -23 and +21 degrees Clesius the function can be deactivated; – when the temperature inside the vehicle is bigger than a programmed value between +4 and +54 degrees Celsius the function can be deactivated and when the value of the battery tension of the car is less than a programmed value between 9 and 12.5 V the function can be deactivated.

The Turbo mode of this system can keep the engine started for a period of time programmed of 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes in order to allow the cooling of the turbine. It also can open the trunk by pressing one button of the intelligent remote control of the system. There is also a comfort function of the  and this means the uplift of the windows at closing. You can also benefit of confirmation for locking and unlocking on the honk or you can choose this function to be made on silent mode without any confirmation sound. This silent mode is made for the moments in day when sounded can disturb the other people around, for example in the night so the confirmation sounds can be stoped by the simple pressing of a button of the remote so the confirmation will be done only by the signal lights.

This system also has a button dedicated to the deactivation of starting the motor by remote control and this is installed in the vehicle and used to prevent the accidental starting of the motor in closed spaces or by untrained persons.

The remote control of the system has also a lot of advantages like the fact that it can be used with only one hand, it has a life battery up to 6 months and it has also some options like starting lights, ply the mirrors and start the projectors from the remote control.

This system can also be used on diesel engines, but the start of the car will be activated after the motor has reached the optimal temperature for starting it. You can also benefit of the manual and automatic control for windscreen demisting, passive lock of the doors if you forget to lock them manually and the most important this kind of system is sold with life warranty (only for the car on which was installed).

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New details about the next generation of Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 appeared on the internet. Is not clear yet if the next generation of Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 will be named the same, but most of the people believe that it will have more design elements like Reventon. Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 was recently spied during some tests near Estoril, Portugal, and all elements characteristics to this model could be seen clearly, including the scissors doors and lateral air admissions.

Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 will have a shield made of carbon fiber built around a chassis of composite carbon. This characteristic will maintain the low weight of the model in spite the fact that Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 will have an integral traction.

Lamborghini Murcielago 2011

The power of Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 will come from a V12 engine normally aspired, equipped with direct injection that develops more than 700 HP. The power will be given to the wheels through a sequential manual transmission. In this way the replacement of Murcielago will be with 30 HP more powerful than the older version that is going to be replaced (Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce). Lamborghini already registered in the United States of America the name Aventador so the American press thought that the replacement of Murcielago could be names this way.

With a V12 engine of 6.5 liters, that is positioned in the back of the driver and weight only 234 kilograms, the  latest Lamborghini Aventador has integral traction model Haldex and 700 power horses and its couple is developed at optimal speed of 5.500 rotations per minute. This tornado crosses the automatic transmission with seven treads, manufactured by Graziano Trasmissioni Group, for the reports to be changed only in 50 milliseconds. And you can be sure that everyone will know this because of the exhaust with double room.

Lamborghini Murcielago 2011 Aventador LP700-4 will not lose any second from the precious time of the lucky persons that will owe this car. The first 100 km per hour will be done in 2.9 seconds, faster that you can pronounce the name of the beast painted in Arancio Argos color. Its maximum speed can get to 350 km/h and if this big numbers didn’t convinced you, than you have to know that the price of the Lamborghini Aventador will be up to 255,000.00 euros on the old continent Europe. With all these being said, two things are very clear now: first that Ferrari remained completely discovered and second that Aventador is the first Lamborghini from which we didn’t expect to have a SuperVeloce version. I believe that humanity is not ready for this car at this moment, so you better prepare strongly to receive this car in your mind and heart.

With this Lamborghini Aventador, this car manufacturer locked in its place, in the supercars temple from Sant’Agata Bolognese, to the old Murcielago and then got ready for this new super car: Aventador LP700-4. It can also be called the legend destroyer because under that great carbon body shaped in the darkness of the secret workshops of hell, it hides the most psycho technology that Italians had ever created. And now they are ready to unleash the beast in front of everyone at the auto show in Geneva.

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A lot of people named this car the first super car of all times. And also many people consider it the most beautiful car that came out the Lamborghini factory gates. We talk about Miura, a super car designed back in the 60’s that made history and remains in our days one of the most wanted collection cars.

Lamborghini Miura SV is a sport car with 2 seats that was manufactured between 1966 and 1972. This is one of the first cars with 2 seats and central engine, some kind of trend-setter in the world of sport cars that made performance. Even if cars like Ferrari 250 LM or Ford GT40 had also central engines, they were only homologated for races and Miura was the first car with this kind of arrangement legal for the street. Miura was created by the engineers of Lamborghini factory in their spare time even if its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini was not satisfied with the idea because at that moment he saw the future of the company build of strong family cars, not super sport cars. Ferruccio wasn’t feeling competitive with Ferrari at all so he didn’t want to occupy this segment in the car market. But when the four wheel chassis was presented at the auto show in Torino in 1965 and then one year later to be launched the car officially in Geneva, the owner of the company and also the audience were extremely delighted. The revolutionary designer of the creator Marcelo Gandini impressed so much the press and the public from auto show in Geneva. The car announced to be a total success. And like this appeared Lamborghini Miura SV that had been manufactured until 1972.

Lamborghini Miura Sv

The final model from Miura and the most known is Lamborghini Miura SV, that means Super Veloce. This one had even more modification at the engine, including at the carburetors that made this car to have 385 HP. The SV model can be observed among the other models easily by the missing of lids at lights, bigger wings in the bag to allow the wide rims of 9 inches with tires Pirelli Cinturato and other changed stops. Totally, only 150 models of Lamborghini Miura SV were manufactured.

Back in the year 1970 the testing driver of Lamborghini, Bob Wallace used the car number 5084 to make a test creating a car homologated FIA for Appendix J races. The unique car was named Miura Jota and was sold to a private collector after it suffered many tests. In 1971 the car suffered a terrible accident on the unopened race field in Brescia and burned completely.

After it was heard about the Jota model, the clients wanted also a special car for themselves. But Lamborghini couldn’t afford to design a bigger Jota so the producer offers a SV upgraded. This model was known as Lamborghini Miura SV/J and had a lot of modification at the engine, the suspensions, exterior and interior.

Lamborghini Miura Sv

In 2006 was presented a concept based on Miura. This was the creation of the Lamborghini designer Walter da Silva wishing to commemorate 40 years from the auto show in Geneva where was launched Miura. But as the president of the Lamborghini company Stefan Winkelmann affirmed, this factory wants to show the future, is about the future so the retro design unfortunately doesn’t fit to the future.

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Like the super cars manufactured by Lamborghini, Lamborghini Tonino watches has the same extravagant design created especially for the most eccentric people worldwide. Because of the high quality and the Switzerland technology, Lamborghini Tonino watch is great watches for men and women. Let us not forget that those watches are made for men and women also.

Lamborghini Tonino

Their price is also competitive to their quality around 500 and 1500 USD, but no man that wants to wear one of the best and most wanted watches will not care about its price.  Models like Ferruccio Junior, Spider, Berlinetta, Corsa, Pilot and Navigator are manufactured in the country famous for their watches, Switzerland and can give to their owners an air of high fashion and also a classic style. All the Lamborghini Tonino watches are made of stainless steel and are water resistant so even if you go diving or just swimming to be easier for you to carry this watch and not to be forced to leave it from your hand. The dial is also made of crystal and that means it will not break easily and it will be very clear no matter of the weather conditions.

Their bracelet can be made of Titanium bezel with tachymeter or of black leather for those people that wish to wear a classic watch that will never get old fashioned. Some of the models have date display chronograph for an easier orientation of days. We all know that sometimes we wish to be elegant and sometimes we only want to be modern and for both situations we have to accessories our outfits with watches that can clearly express who we are and what we are. Tonino Lamborghini watches can easily express our feelings and let us be elegant and modern in the same time.

Tonino Lamborghini watches are pure Italian talent. Elegant and bold in the same time, those watches remain faithful to traditional shapes. Man and women who refuse to be unnoticed every time they wear a watch simply choose Lamborghini Tonino watches. On their website you can see the latest models appeared on the market, you can find out news about those watches and see pictures and short presentation for every model of these watch manufacturer collection. Also the worldwide agents network is presented to you so you know where from you can buy their watches safely and so you can be sure they are not fakes and you can contact them directly for any problem or question you have regarding the Tonino Lamborghini watches.

The Lamborghini watch has the same brand with the bull on them like Lamborghini cars so all people interested in those watches to know that power and elegancy can stay together in one watch, the Lamborghini Tonino watch.

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All the drivers and car owners knows that there is no perfect car in the world that doesn’t have technical problems, no matter if it is used or new car. A car problem can be easily fixed if you go to a car service that is specialized in solving the problems for your car mark. There are also auto services that can fix more car marks because they are authorized for that.

But what if we have a minor car problem and we want to fix it ourselves (like changing a windscreen wiper) or if we want to research about our car problems before we go to auto service in order to know what needs to be fixed and how much will cost us? Than is very simple. There are a lot of websites with forums where people can write there about the car problems and you can receive a specialized answer regarding them. You can also find answers directly from auto services specialists. The best website I can indicate is

Car problem

On this website car owners that have difficulties or technical problems with their cars can easily find pieces of information about current problem trends, worst vehicles, vehicle problems, worst complaints, common complaints, complaints with photos, horror stories that make the reader to feel lucky and so on. Here you can also add complain or update an existing one. One more great future of this website is that you can search a car problem by the car mark and in this way your search will be much faster. You also have a list with the most common car problems that the car owners posted in the last 90 days.

Here you have some of the problems that we found for you and that are so common to cars: cracked panel below the rear box, premature break wear, transmission failure, cracked dashboard, cracked panel below the rear window, radiator leak, excessive oil consumption, heat blows up cold air, lights are blinking and so on. There are so many car problems that need a special attention and there are so many of them that don’t require specialized service.

But for the most of the problems you need for sure to visit an auto service in order to fix your car. A specialized service will give you the safety you need after fixing your car. Solving the car problem by ourselves is not the best option. We all know that if we try to improvise car systems or components we can only harm the car parts and once we start using it the car can break even more.

On the website of every car mark, official websites, you can find the names and addresses of every authorized car services available. Don’t hesitate to use them.

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In our days, if we want to sell a car we can do it very easily through the internet connection on used or new cars websites made especially for the car dealer or for the regular persons that intend to sell a car or to buy one.  Cars are very different, even the same type, model, year car can differ from one piece to another by its features and by the conditions of keeping by the previous owner.

Some of the best websites that you can choose to sell a car that are the most visited by interested buyers are:

1. . This website is helping you find the make and model of the car you wanted by a quick search on the front page. This website is available for people all over the world, in the quick search you can also choose the price of the car you search and the country where should that car be. Other options this website is offering to its visitors are pieces of information about car insurance, car finance, car warranty, gap insurance and a free evaluation of your car. If you intend to post the notice of your car in order to sell it then you have to make an account with your dates and you can post the notice freely.

2. . This website is helping interested people to find new or used cars, to sell a car for free, to find information about car dealers and auto loan all over United States of America. You can choose searching by make, model or manufacturing year or you can choose to search by type of car (sedan, coupe, VAN, SUV and so on) or by the state they are in (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and so on).

3. is the best website for the people that want to sell a car around the United States. This website is the ultimate automotive marketplace on the internet. Everyone knows is and everyone visits it if he wants to find the best deals about cars. Here you can find cars for sale, you can sell your car or trade in your car, can find local dealers or information about loans and insurance. On the front page you have the option of finding a car by the make and ZIP code of your area. In order to sell a car you have to make an account on the website and to post your notice for free on the website.

Auto trader

4. is the website that besides the options that all the sites above have, it has a car forum where interested people to buy or sell a car or simply to discuss about a car make can meet here. The owners of this website promise to help you sell your car fast and easy so for the car sellers all over U.S.A. this website is one of the best in this field.

Besides those websites I mentioned above there are much more websites available that help you sell a car. You just have to search on a search engine and you will find maybe thousands of websites in this domain. But if you prefer the oldest way you can start visiting the market places in your area and in the country.

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How is going to be called the follower of the Lamborghini Murcielago? May be Jotta, may be Aventador. We know for sure that Italians keep very good the secret and we might say that they try to distract our attention from the car by offering us the first information about the technique that will be on the new Italian super car.

According to the Italians, we speak about a V12 engine, brand new, designed from zero and known under the name of intern code L539. Having a capacity of 6,498 cc, the Lamborghini engine is the aspired type Lamborghini didn’t appealed yet at turbo compressors or mechanic compressors to achieve sensational powers.

Lamborghini Gallardo Engine

The maximum power developed by the new propeller is 700 HP obtained at a touring of real tenor: 8,250 rpm. The maximum motor couple has an appreciable value encrypted at 690 Nm obtained at an average touring of 5,500 rpm.

The Italian engineers also praise themselves that achieved a light and compact propeller, V12 having a total weight of only 234 kg. The two cylinder lines are bent at a 60 degrees angle one to another, the length of the engine being of 784 mm, its width 848 mm and its height 665 mm.

The cylinder shell is of 95 mm, and the course of 76.5 mm, short course of pistons being very proper for the high touring engine. The breech is made of a resistant alloy made of aluminum and silica and the crankshaft is reinforced supplementary with nitrates having a reduced weight of only 24.6 kg.

At Lamborghini engines we can find robotized gear. The compression report is 11.8 to 1, very high, but the piston speed at maximum touring of 8,250 rpm is only 21 meters/second, more reduced than the actual propeller of Murcielago.  So, the new Lamborghini engines have a better durability and smaller frictions.

The evacuation system of three-in-one type gets together four pre-catalysts placed near the engine, but also two main catalysts, the main objective being the reducing of toxic emissions. But for the engineers were the same important to obtain an unmistakable sound so the drum contains two evacuations: one of low pressure and the other of high pressure, both equipped with valves electronic controlled.

The Lamborghini engine would be nothing without transmission, and the last one is total now. Named ISR (Independent Shifting Rods), this is a mechanic gearbox robotized with 7 steps capable of changing times of speed steps in only 50% of the time necessary to a gearbox endowed with double clutch, the working principle being the same.

The driver can choose 3 working methods of the gearbox: the street – fully automatic method for a confortable driving and relaxant; sport – offers a dynamic way of changing speed steps and Corsa – offers maximum of efficiency at changing steps, being destined for usage on the circuit, this mode benefiting of the services of the Launch Control system.

So, the follower of the Murcielago model announced to be a super sport car dignified of admiration by the prism of the motor propeller group.

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Lamborghini Gallardo is not a new anymore in the past few years, but it becomes more performance day by day. The final Lamborghini Gallardo 2010 is also called LP560-4. We can affirm that Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago approaches the final part of their time of production and Italians always take care to keep them in the middle of attention. After few versions dominated by power, actually more power, Lamborghini presented a Gallardo model in the same note that almost be the rival of the dynamic performances of its bigger brother, Murcielago.

The Lamborghini Gallardo 2010 named LP560-4 has a code that is hard to be interpreted. The 4 number in final suggests that the traction is integral 4X4 and 560 means the maximum power achieved from a new V10 engine of 5.2 liters that gets to a maximum revolution of 8,000 rpm. Until now the most powerful Gallardo was Superleggera with 530 HP and now the new LP560-4 comes with 30 HP extra.

Lamborghini Gallardo 2010

Gallardo LP560-4 is not only an upgrade of the engine. The engineers from Lamborghini improved the transmission, suspensions and aerodynamic, so the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds, 200 km/h being achieved in 11.8 seconds and its maximum speed is 325 km/h (maybe this car can get more speed but this is the limit imposed by the creators).

Practically, the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is made only with 0.3 seconds slower than Lamborghini Murcielago case LP 640 model that has 80 HP more. Also the new Lamborghini Gallardo 2010 model LP560-4 has a fuel tank of 90 liters and he only consumes, as the Lamborghini specialists say, only 14 liters per 100 kilometers (average consume), toxic emissions being reduced with 18%.

Launched at auto show in Geneva in 2008 for the first time, Lamborghini Gallardo 2010 LP560-4 price is almost 130,000 euros. The price is not high is we consider the features of this car and the fact that it can get 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds and the top speed is 325 km/h. And let’s not forget about the comfort of a Lamborghini Gallardo. The Audi brought comfort to Lamborghini sport cars when this was missing for good.

Lamborghini Gallardo Engine

I will also add Lamborghini Gallardo pictures so you are convinced that the design is the same of all Lamborghini cars, exclusivist and modern.  Why the Lamborghini Gallardo price is so high? Like all Lamborghini cars, this one is also achieving the requirements of a super sport car and let us not forget that actually its price is really cheap according to the price of other Lamborghini cars, for example the Reventon model that costs 1.3 million USD, being the most expensive sport car ever manufactured (this is actually the reason why Reventon was manufactured in limited edition and were built only 21 models).

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Who doesn’t want to own a Lamborghini car? Let’s not forget that this is the ultimate dream of a real driver that wants to feel a real car, that enjoys speed and also want to drive a sport car with the best design ever created. But from this dream to the reality is actually a long way. But the luckiest people of us that can actually afford buying one Lamborghini to their anniversary. Who are we talking about? The answer is simple: Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Lamborghini

In July 2010 Justin Bieber was seen with his friend Sean Kingston in a white Lamborghini, a beauty on 4 wheels, like we can see on his website The luxury car of which the majority of the adult men only dream at is now the property of Justin who has only 16 years old.

Justin Bieber was turned 16 years old on 1st March 2010 and soon after that he passed the driving test. He actually laughed when P-Diddy promised him a Lamborghini for his birthday and even mentioned in an interview that the rapper is all talk, he will never make that expensive gift to a kid. Seems that he was wrong and he actually received the greatest gift of all.

Justin Bieber Lamborghini

Justin Bieber Lamborghini was a gift offered to the adolescent by the rapper named P-Diddy, the second protector of the teenager in the musical industry. You may wonder the occasion for this fabulous gift. This is very simple he turned 16 years old, the legal age for obtaining driving license in United States of America.

This car gifted by the famous rapper is a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder white coloured with a value of $200,000. You have to be very famous to be able to drive this car for the first time when you drive a car. Some of the celebrities that own a car like this are Kobe Bryant and David Beckham.

Do you think the Lamborghini offered by P-Diddy is the only great car Justin Bieber received on his birthday? Then you are very wrong. His mentor, Usher, also bought him one of the greatest SUV cars, a Range Rover. We can guess that he choose to drive more the Lamborghini if we think about this car value and aspect. The R&B singer is very known among all the teenagers in U.S.A. and highly appreciated by them. Now he will also be a model for most of them in the key moment of their life, for example when they choose to buy a car for sure the richest of the teenagers will choose a Lamborghini.

Without any other commentary o invite you to see the Justin Bieber Lamborghini driven by the charismatic singer, one of the most titrated American artists.

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There are a lot of speculations in the car industry about the fact that in the future Lamborghini planes to produce a super motorcycle. In fact, speculations is too much said, rather correctly would be to consider them the product of some people rich imagination.

Why? The Lamborghini brand is now owned by Audi and Audi is a member of Volkswagen Group (VAG Group). These are the “guilty” persons for entombment the NSU and Golf and Polo are two automobiles economics that lead to the decline of the motorcycle industry in 70’s.

With all these being said, the Custom Lamborghini motorcycle continues to be a nice dream for many motorcyclists. The Germans from Thunderbike transposed their own dream into reality and created the motorcycle of their dream.

Custom Lamborghini motorcycle

If in the thoughts of most people the Custom Lamborghini motorcycle is some kind of super mega Hayabusa, ThunderBike had the vision of this motorcycle and saw it like a dragster.

Lamborghini is a custom build on a Dragster RS frame of the Thunder peoples and it is equipped with a Harley-Davidson engine. Please do not confuse a Dragster (especially the Lamborghini version) with a cruiser. Excepting the huge engine Screamin Eagle of 110 CI (1.8 liters) the dragster is equipped with a reversed crotch and the face break with two disks and radial clamps.

The back wheel has a design inspired by the race wheels on the Lamborghini (with five tenons) and it wears a 280 mm tire. The back suspension has a mono arm tilt and horizontal buffer placed central. The back break is assured with a perimeter disk and clamp with six pistons from Nissin.

Behind all the technical details, the custom Lamborghini motorcycle is very impressive by its dimensions. The wheelbase of 1,800 mm is not a record for the custom class but it is enough to make the total length more than two meters and a half.

I am sure that for all motorcyclists these pieces of information are only something to be amazed and trying a Custom Lamborghini motorcycle will make them happier than ever. They know that this motorcycle choose the best components in order to create the best motorcycle around the world. Speed and adrenaline is something that all Lamborghini car users already are familiar with. Now this intensity of emotions will also be felt by the motorcyclists when they will experiment the driving of the best motorcycle named Lamborghini.

With this motorcycle, Lamborghini proved once again that super sport is their magic word and high speed is the definition of their products. We can only think now how will be understood this product by the competitors. I am very sure that German motorcycle was created not only for somebody pleasure, but to satisfy all the needs of a motorcyclist.

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We always thought that Lamborghini is not able to amaze us anymore. Well, don’t be so sure. Please pay attention to the following presentation.

Lamborghini Reventon participated to a short lined race with a Jet-Fighter Italian Panavia Tornado on a distance of 3 kilometers. Until 100 km/h Reventon Lamborghini was faster with the 3.4 seconds necessary to get 100 km/h. After that the airplane was taken control faster Lamborghini Reventon being limited at only 340 km/h.

Reventon Lamborghini

Only this super Lambo is technically based on Murcielago LP640, the design modifications are very big and create the impression that we deal with a hunting airplane on four wheels. The extremely aggressive style of the Reventon Lamborghini is due to the various details angular aerodynamics, inspired by the aeronautic world and also the Formula 1 world.

The excessive usage of the carbon fiber for shield panels and also for break ceramic disks leads to a very low weight of this exclusivist predator capable of a starting up to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds. The LP640 engine was increased in power with only 10 HP getting to 650 HP, but this is not impede the Reventon Lamborghini to achieve a maximum speed of 340 km/h. Anyway, I consider that Veyron remains the best in this domain.

In the cockpit of this model you will not find board clocks but only electronic exhibitions specific the hunting airplanes. Among those we can find G-meter (this is a premiere for a super sport automobile). Also the interior of this car is trimmed with Alcantara leather and insertions of aluminum and carbon, but also with a big inscription on the diver door with the model name: Reventon.

This name you will be able to see on the roads very rare or maybe never because Lamborghini Reventon will be one of the collection models that are being kept in the garage more than on the circuit.

Lamborghini Reventon has a price of 1,349,000 euro and was made only 21 cars of this model, first of them being kept in Lamborghini museum. Do you wonder where from comes the name Reventon? To keep up with the Lamborghini tradition, this name was also been inspired by the Spanish bull fighting and in Spanish Reventon has the meaning of burst or explosion. This was the name of a famous bull raised by the family of Don Heriberto Rodriguez, famous for killing the Mexican bullfighter Felix Guzman in year 1943.

Finally, who had the opportunity of driving a Reventon Lamborghini I am sure that he wondered firstly if he is driving a car or an airplane. The difference between them is that Lamborghini Reventon can’t fly from the ground and unfortunately it has speed limit. But in rest, there are no differences between them.

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