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Chrysler hasn’t been doing so well in recent times, but with Fiat recently partnering up with the American company, things might turn around soon enough. The new leader of the two companies, Sergio Marchionne, has some big plans for the Pentastar manufacturer, which includes a plethora of facelifts made to its main models, until it can get some completely new cars onto the market, presumably using more Fiat technology.

Among the models due for a facelift are the mid-size sedans: the Chrysler Sebring and the Dodge Avenger, which haven’t really gathered a huge amount of fans. Among them, the Sebring is rather worse for wear, with sales plummeting and public appreciation being extremely low.

That’s why a rumor started a few months ago that with the new facelift, the Sebring name will disappear, in order to help erase the bad feelings customers get when they see it. Now, according to Marchionne, it seems that such a thing is a certainty, as he recently talked about how the mechanical underpinnings of the two sedans have been refreshed.

“We’ve rolled up our sleeves and have torn apart that architecture. You’ll see a completely different animal,” revealed the Fiat/Chrysler CEO. “We’re having a discussion about what name this animal should have. The jury is still out.”

It is expected that just the Chrysler model will be renamed, as the Dodge Avenger is still doing pretty well in sales and public appreciation. Don’t expect the upcoming facelifts (early 2011 most probably) to break the mold, but enhancements in handling, comfort and perhaps a few new engines from Fiat, might be included.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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