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Who says old ladies aren’t allowed to have some fun doing some donuts in a BMW M3?

Well, we would be a little worried if all old ladies were like this one, but fortunately this is just a viral video created for a web startup company called, which brokers best car rental deals worldwide. The concept isn’t new, but we’re just hoping these guys will make it work, especially after seeing this video.


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Say what you will about BMW, but the German company really knows how to promote its models through new and interesting ways.

With the upcoming BMW M3 Tiger Edition, limited to China, the company took things in a rather peculiar direction, and released a new short film, depicting the car’s upcoming launch on Asian soil.

For those who forgot, the M3 Tiger will boast a special Fire Orange Metallic paint job and have tiger heads embroidered onto the seats.

We’ve already seen some rather interesting promotional images but this new video really takes the cake. Check it out after the jump.

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BMW is preparing a special edition of the M3 performance coupe dedicated to honoring the year of the Tiger in China.

The BMW M3 Tiger will be limited to 250 models, all coupes. They will boast Fire Orange Metallic paint jobs, with black 19-inch wheels. On the inside, black leather will be fitted, with orange tiger heads embroidered into the headrests of the sports seats.

In order to really promote this special BMW M3 Tiger edition, the German company released a batch of rather interesting promotional shots. Check them all out in the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: BMW M3 Tiger Edition


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Formula 1 will see its German GP take place this weekend at the Hockenheimring.

But as we saw with the British GP two weeks ago, this has allowed the Red Bull Racing team another chance to show off, especially as one of its drivers, Sebastian Vettel, comes from the land that brought us the Autobahn, bratwursts and plenty of fast cars.

Even though it’s not as impressive as the pit stop Mark Webber did in the middle of London, Vettel took the RB6 Formula 1 car on the cobblestone streets, and then to an organized venue. There, other professional drivers like Mattias Ekström or Chris Pfeiffer, accompanied by German rapper Smudo, wowed the public.

Hit the jump to check out another crazy Red Bull marketing stunt.

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Land Rover will begin a new stage for its Range Rover division with the future launch of the new Evoque model.

As such, it knows that a different type of marketing is required, in order to really attract the rich urban inhabitants it is targeting.

In order to combine both this and the real-life city testing that needs to be done by the Evoque, the British SUV manufacturer has announced that a fleet of 10 Evoque prototypes will parade through the streets of famous cities all around the world.

Better yet, these prototypes will use a certain kind of camouflage. No, not the groovy funkadelic one from the Mini Countryman, but the actual maps of the cities through which they will be driven. As such, each car will have its own specific ‘livery’, if you can call it that way, as well as a ‘Hello’ message, written in the language of that specific country.

If you live in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Milan, Madrid, London, Berlin or Moscow, then keep an eye out in the following months to see these new Range Rover Evoque models.

If not, then you can hit the jump and check them out in a special video.

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Even though CNG or LPG-powered engines might not make it to the Chrysler range, the company needs to improve and promote a greener image.

As such, according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Chrysler will begin removing the Hemi badging from most of its vehicles, in order to promote a classier attitude.

According to the report, for regular models like the 300C or the new 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee, even though they are equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi V8, all future marketing efforts will address it as simply a 5.7-liter V8. You’ll still be able to find Hemi badges on the outside of performance SRT8 models or on Ram trucks though, but you won’t see them on other models.

Instead, technologies like the Hemi’s Multi Displacement System, which improves fuel economy, will be marketed more aggressively, in order to highlight its eco-friendly attitude.

Still, even though you won’t find badges on the outside, the engine cover of the 5.7-liter V8 still wears a big HEMI cover, in order to please the hardcore fans.

Frankly, we’re a bit disappointed with Chrysler, as the Hemi badge made a lot of owners proud, and eliminating it might cause some issues. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.


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Red Bull really knows how to promotes its Formula 1 efforts, as after taking Jaime Alguersuari from Torro Rosso in a RB6 race car to a Dominican beach, it has now targeted London with a viral marketing attempt.

As such, its Australian driver, Mark Webber, was given the keys to the RB6 F1 car, and just asked to do a pit stop.

So, what’s so special about this? How about the fact that the pit stop took place in London’s Parliament Square, and the RB6 just rolled along the roads of the British capital, in between Black Cabs or double decker buses?

Hit the jump to check out two videos of the whole event, one picturing just the pit stop, the other showcasing the reactions of Mark Webber and members of his mechanical team.

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Kia is a pretty successful global automaker. This has a downside though, as due to different markets, its products are usually marketed under various names, even though they’re the same thing. One example is the US Optima, which is called Magentis in Europe or Canada, and K5 in Kia’s native South Korea.

As you can imagine, this is a problem from a marketing standpoint. That’s why a new report indicates that Kia USA executives are mulling over the possibility of switching to an alfanumeric name strategy. As such, instead of Optima or Forte you might see the Kia K5 or K3, respectively.

Hyundai, Kia’s parent company, has also started such a switch, as the Tucson crossover is called the ix35 in other territories. What’s more, other companies are already making a habit of such a naming strategy. Considering this, perhaps Kia might also follow, in the near future.

Our two cents? We think Kia’s current naming structure shows personality and, coupled with the new, more aggressive design, is just what the company needs to stand out from the rest.


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The 2011 Buick Regal marks a turning point for GM’s Tri-Shield brand, which will gain a new identity and position itself as far away as possible from the ‘Buick is for old guys’ image.

As such, the marketing team has launched a new campaign, called the ‘Moment of Truth’. If you’re thinking this is just a new series of ads or billboards which will be appearing across the US, then you’re very wrong.

In order to highlight the new ‘hip and groovy’ Buick, the company will be hosting parties across the USA, where participants will be given flip cameras and asked to record their feelings about the party and about Buick itself.

So, people from Miami, New York, Philadelphia or Chicago, get ready to party with Buick!

Seriously now, the campaign might be onto something, as the majority of its new audience target, the 35-40 year olds, don’t exactly think too fondly of Buick or aren’t even aware of the new products.

The new campaign will be kicked off at the end of June, so get ready for partying, new Buick style.


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Toyota, like any automaker which wants to really succeed in the USA, has its own race cars in the Nascar championship, specifically the Camry Cup Car models.

Now, in order to win even more fans, it has launched a special ‘Sponsafier’ campaign, where people can create their own custom designs for the Toyota Camry Nascar racer. Besides seeing your design trade paint on the track, a lot of other prizes are also available.

Of course, a series of ads were also revealed, in order to promote the campaign. This time though, Toyota has seemingly struck gold, as the commercials are quite funny and entertaining.

Hit the jump to see some of the ads and then go to the Sponsafier website to design your own Toyota Nascar racer.

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Remember the Fun Theory videos Volkswagen published last year, where it aimed at encouraging the right behavior by making things more fun?

Well, the German carmaker is at it again, this time with the ‘Fast Lane’ campaign, promoting the new Volkswagen Polo GTI model.

The video below shows how the company set up a slide at a subway station, in order to make going down the stairs much more fun and much faster experience. Needless to say, the whole thing looks extremely fun, so hit the jump and check out the video.

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With the Mercury brand set to die a slow death, Ford is taking measures to make sure people still visit Lincoln dealerships, even without the more affordable brand sharing the same building.

As such, the Blue Oval has announced that its Lincoln brand will be offering free scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles bought this summer, starting from today and until September 7. This maintenance will be completely free during the first three years or up until 45,000 miles.

The deal spans all 2010 and 2011 model year vehicles, and is also available to those who opt to lease a new Lincoln model.

Through this offer, as we mentioned above, Ford wants to push its Lincoln division into the media spotlight. There are a couple of big changes headed towards the Blue Oval’s premium brand, including new EcoBoost engines and a C segment compact set to debut around the end of 2011.


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Mercedes-Benz wants to recreate its brand image, as well as highlight its new long term strategy which will see a lot of new vehicles developed and launched in the next few years.

As such, the German company has revealed a new marketing campaign, complete with a new slogan: “The best or nothing.”

In order to drive the point home, two ads have been revealed. While the two are largely the same, they both highlight Mercedes’ long road, from its origins with its founder, Gottlieb Daimler, to the present, where fresh concepts and new models have been revealed.

Hit the jump to check out the two new ads for Mercedes-Benz.

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There are a huge number of car brands active these days. But not a lot of them can hold a stick to the popularity and the heritage of General Motors’ Chevrolet brand.

Over the years, the company became as quintessentially American as apple pie or the 4th of July, earning it the nickname Chevy. As you could imagine, GM was extremely pleased back in the day that its brand was so loved by many.

Now, things have changed. In a recent internal memo sent by marketing vice president, Jim Campbell, and VP of sales and service, Alan Batey, employees and dealers are now advised to use just the Chevrolet name, effectively eliminating the Chevy nickname.

Why? Because brand consistency is key and, according to the brilliant minds of GM, people can’t possibly make the connection between Chevrolet and Chevy.

A funny fact is that in order to exemplify their reasoning, the two Chevy Chevrolet execs use Coke as an example, forgetting that it is short for Coca-Cola.

But all joking aside, this, if it will be made official, is a terrible idea. Brands work for decades to get a nickname with its customers, and wanting to delete the Chevy memory from the mind of faithful consumers is just plain wrong.

That’s our reasoning, at least. What’s your point of view? Share your thoughts below.


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While Audi decided to go the video series route in order to promote its A1, Mini opted for a much better approach in order to market the new Countryman crossover.

The new Mini model is being showcased in what promises to be the next big thing one popular music video, entitled ‘Getaway‘, a collaboration between music producer Timbaland and new sensation Michelle Branch.

As you could have guessed, the Getaway theme blends in nicely with the overall motive for the Countryman, to offer a getaway from the crowded city and out into nature.

The song is pretty catchy, so hit the jump and check out this music video.

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