Maserati might follow Ferrari's hybrid efforts |

Whether we like it or not, hybrid powertrains, one way or another, will eventually reach all carmakers, including supercar manufacturers like Ferrari or Lamborghini. According to InsideLine, it seems that Maserati will also join the other two Italian brands in the quest for more efficient models.

Even though they have been separated a few years ago, thanks to the same boss (Fiat), the two luxury carmakers will collaborate on future hybrid projects. This partnership includes Maserati using Maranello technology to both reduce weight and emissions from its future models.

A key role will be played by the Ferrari’s KERS technology, as showcased last week in Geneva with the 599 HY-KERS hybrid concept. While we can’t say we approve, Maserati models haven’t really broken records lately in terms of sales, so perhaps offering hybrid alternatives while shedding some pounds could work wonders for the Italian luxury carmaker.

Source: InsideLine
Photo Source: brutal’s Flickr