Maybach creating problems for Mercedes? |

Posted on 3-09-2007 by Vlad Balan

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Even though the Maybach didn’t have the success Mercedes expected, they are pretty content with how the brand’s going and said it doesn’t cost that much to keep the brand going. But that’s not what the dealers think about it. With $500,000 spent by dealers with creating unique showrooms for the Maybachs, they are not happy with the sales they got. When Mercedes released the Maybach 57 and 62 back in 2003, they hoped to sell 500 units every year, dealers have sold only 778 cars up until July of 2007.

With this situation, it looks like Mercedes is considering absorbing Maybach and rebrand it as it’s top of the line. Word on the street is that Mercedes is considering adding some other models to the Maybach range, like a smaller model, in the S600 range, a Maybach version of the GL-Class and a convertible based on the Ocean Drive Concept.

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