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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe The most “affordable” car in the top 10 list of the most expensive cars in the world published by Forbes is the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – with a price tag of $447,000. Equipped with the same massive V12 453 hp engine like the standard version, the open top configuration is a real beauty to see and… …read the full post

Xenatech Maybach 57S Coupe If you thought the original Maybach 57 was something to die for, well take a look at the Xenatech Maybach 57S Coupe dubbed “Cruiseiro”. You don’t see every day one of the longest 4-door limos turned into a 2-door sports coupe. The car was developed in close collaboration with the original manufacturer, Maybach, part… …read the full post

Despite previous rumors and speculations, it seems that the Maybach luxury limousine brand won’t be axed by its corporate overlords from Daimler. Instead, the brand will take full advantage of the upcoming 2012 Mercedes-Benz S Class new generation, and will borrow the revised platform, as well as new systems and much more. According to Automobile,… …read the full post

Even though it didn’t achieve record sales, Daimler’s Maybach luxury brand really got the media talking with the stunning Exelero concept model (pictured above), commissioned by tire manufacturer Fulda. Only one was made, so when it came to auctioning it off, it fetched around $8 million, presumably from an African diamond tycoon. Now,… …read the full post

Have you ever fantasized about getting a Maybach 57S luxury limousine but didn’t really fancy the four doors it had? Well luckily for you and unfortunately for your wallet, tuning company Xenatech has just revealed a new customization program for the 57S which turns it into a coupe model. Besides chopping off two doors, the engineers have also… …read the full post

It’s been a long time coming, but rich people all around the world can rejoice: the Maybach lineup has received a facelift for the 2011 model year, complete with new looks, revised engines and, most importantly, more luxury features than you can shake a diamond-encrusted stick at. First off, the 2011 Maybach lineup is likely to be the last we’ll… …read the full post

In the last few days, a report has been slowly gathering up momentum in the auto industry. It seems that China’s BYD might be interested in buying Mercedes-Benz‘s luxury brand Maybach, if it will be canceled in the near future. Considering BYD and Daimler are already collaborating in the development of small electric cars for the Chinese… …read the full post

Mercedes-Benz’s luxury brand, Maybach, seemingly has its days numbered. But before the limousine will cease manufacturing, the company decided to give it one more helping hand, with a new facelift. This facelift was now leaked in a few illustrations, showcasing its main features. This refresh is mostly focused on the front end of the Maybach… …read the full post

Let’s say you’re a rich Russian man. After years of being forced to blend in and drive some awkward cars, capitalism has brought forth a wide selection of luxury vehicles, like the Bentley Continental or the Maybach 62. But when it snows, leave those cars in the garage and just use the spare change for an SUV or something, and prevent incidents… …read the full post

Great news for all you rich people with a taste for high end limousines, as Mercedes-Benz boss Dieter Zetsche revealed that the Maybach lineup of super luxury models will be getting a facelift next year in order to reward its prestigious clientèle with a more attractive model. “The contribution of Maybach is not significant or relevant but there… …read the full post

If you have more money than people earn in a lifetime, then you can certainly afford to be picky about the cars you drive, or more exactly, are driven in. For many rich people, Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach brand has been a prime target, with its 57 and 62 models. But if the recent economic recession hasn’t thinned out your wallets, then you… …read the full post