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We’ve often talked about the possible revival of the iconic Mazda RX-7. We’ve heard from executives who are willing to push it through production, and now it seems the lead designer, Ikuo Maeda, is also keen on the breathing life back into the famous brand. Even more so, the fact that the original RX-7 was designed by his father makes it a personal endeavor.

But before everything is given the green light, Maeda once again establishes something we feared: the economy isn’t strong enough, especially the US one, to support such a model. Many executives from the Japanese company are also citing the dwindling sales of the current sportscar, the RX-8, as more reasons to prevent such a money-wasting project.

But hopefully with people such as Maeda, in the near future, when we’ll be spending money left and right, we’ll also receive a new RX-7, to compare it with the eventual production variant of another hot coupe from the land of the rising sun, the Toyota FT-86.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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