Mazda might launch a new RX-7 two-seater sports car |

Great news for Mazda fans and, with a bit of indulgence, for all sports car fans, as Mazda boss Ikuo Maeda has just revealed that he is indeed pushing for a new RX-7 to be made as soon as possible.

The executive said that he has already seen a few early sketches of a next generation RX-7 and that he is quite thrilled about the opportunity for the iconic two-seater sports car to return on the market. But until the projects gets the green light from all stockholders, the Mazda chief has a lot of convincing to do, especially in this troubled economy, through which, fortunately, Mazda is getting through without any big troubles.

In terms of mechanics, Maeda limited himself to revealing that it will be a two-seater, with no suicide doors like the RX-8, and, like its predecessors, will be powered by Mazda’s trademark rotary engine. The Mazda boss also has big plans for other models in the lineup, saying that a rejuvenation will soon be made.

Hopefully we will get to see a concept or even some sketches as soon as possible. Are you excited about a new RX-7, a car which made history during the 1990s? Share your enthusiasm by leaving a comment below.

Source: Autocar

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