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Mazda Taiki, the latest concept car form the Japanese producer, follows the path of Mazda’s “flow” design concept (latest example is what’s probably going to be the next Mazda RX-7) with elements of real-world technologies. The Taiki is equipped with a next-generation RENESIS rotary engine under the hood, and the rear-wheel-drive concept is a two-seater.

The Japanese word “Taiki” roughly translates to atmosphere. Mazda used this name to equate the car’s stretched cabin, short overhangs, and glass canopy with the “protective mantle” around Earth.

One of the key differences from previous concept cars is the Taiki’s rear wheels, which seem to stick out a bit, and are covered by a sort-of simulated wheel well. The effect of this is the illusion that the rear wheels are not protected as part of the chassis, but if you look at a picture of the car from behind the wheels look more integrated.

The Mazda Taiki will be debuted to the public at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. View more photos after the jump.

Update: We also have a video of the concept (click here)

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