Mazda2 three-doors pricing announced (UK) |

Posted on 14-05-2008 by Vlad Balan

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Mazda started selling the Mazda2 five-door version back in Septmber and managed to sell 7,000 units, which raised Mazda’s share of the small car market in 2008 to 2.4 per cent. Today, Mazda UK announced the pricing for the new Mazda2 three-door version, which made its debut in March, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Pricing for the new car will start at £7,999 for the 1.3 liter petrol engine, which develops 75 hp. The most expensive version, the 103 hp 1.5 Sport starts at £11,399. Below you have a table with the pricing for all versions.

Mark Cameron, Mazda UK marketing director said that “the demand for the new Mazda2 5dr has been greater than we anticipated and the arrival of the new three-door model, with its special appeal to a different group of consumers, will accelerate sales to a much higher level”.

3dr Power
‘On the road’


CO2 Emissions  (g/km) Road Fund
Licence Band


1.3 TS   75   £7,999  129 C 3E
1.3 TS2   86   £9,509 129 C 4E
1.5 Sport 103 £11,399 140 C 5E
1.4D TS 68   £8,999 114 B 3E
1.4D TS2 68 £10,504 114 B 3E