Mechanic takes client's Lamborghini Gallardo for a spin, gets it impounded |

These are the kind of stories which make you take up mechanic courses so that you shouldn’t leave your car in the hands of a stranger.

An Australian dentist, which owned a Lamborghini Gallardo, left the supercar for a revision at a local mechanic. The guy, thanking his lucky stars, took out the supercar for spin. Needless to say, he stepped on the gas hard, and was caught by the police doing around 160 km/h, in a zone where the limited was 90 km/h.

Things get complicated here, as it seems the city of Perth, where the incident took place, is in the Western Australia region, which has a specific driving law: if anyone is driving way above the legal limit, their car can be impounded, even though the actual owner isn’t at the wheel.

This so-called anti-hoon law has resulted in the beautiful Gallardo being impounded for 28 days. The owner, as you can guess, wasn’t so happy, but the police say that they can’t do anything, and that the law’s the law, meaning he needs to wait a month until he gets his supercar back, even though he didn’t do anything wrong (besides choosing a lousy mechanic).

Source: via Jalopnik

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