Mercedes-Benz allows you to pay your monthly lease through an iPhone app |

You can’t doubt the fact that Apple’s iPhone, in all of its iterations up until now, has been a very popular device. A large factor in this degree of popularity is the App store, which allows anyone with an iPhone or an iPod Touch to navigate and download all sorts of small applications for the mobile devices.

Seeing how popular these small apps have become, Mercedes-Benz Financial has just revealed the fact that it has launched its own application in the App store. This new release will allow you to pay your monthly lease for your MB car or contact dealerships around you in case you don’t own a Mercedes.

Marketed as the “coolest way to pay,” the new system does have a catch, as you must first register at the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services website, where you will be able to download the app and pair your account with it, in order for the transactions to be safely made.

Either way, this is definite an interesting marketing endeavor for Mercesdes-Benz, hopefully it will extend to other countries, not just in the US, in the near future.

Source: GreenCarExaminer

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