Mercedes-benz C Class Coupe |

While outlining its plans for the Bremen plant, Mercedes-Benz has officially confirmed that a C Class Coupe model will join the estate and sedan lineup. As you may remember, there were some intense rumors a few months ago about a presumed coupe model based on the current C Class sedan, which would decrease in size in order to rival the BMW 1 Series…. …read the full post

Mercedes-Benz started the rumor mill when it replaced the old CLK with the E Class Coupe and the cabriolet version of the same model, allowing for plenty of speculations on whether or not the smaller C Class would follow, taking the fight to both the BMW 1 and 3 Series. After revealing that a C Class coupe is definitely in the Mercedes plan, InsideLine… …read the full post

A few years ago, in case you wanted a coupe from Mercedes-Benz, the default solution was the CLK, which combined the C Class with an E Class price (not the best combo). Now, the new E has its own coupe variant, larger than the CLK, which has been phased out of production. This leaves an interesting niche which, according to some reports, Mercedes is… …read the full post

While the new C Class sedan from Mercedes-Benz has definitely broken some boundaries in terms of sportiness for the German carmaker, the company is reportedly planning a new coupe based on the current generation of models, which will be the second after the not-so-popular CLC hatchback coupe. The new model, which will replace the discontinued but highly… …read the full post