Mercedes-Benz CLC hatchback to end production? |

With the last Mercedes-Benz C Class generation, the company tried to attack the sports hatchback market by releasing the C Class Sports Coupe. Its results weren’t that impressive, but the German company continued that effort with the current generation, by launching the CLC hatchback.

That has failed too. As such, rumors are now saying that MB will soon end the production of the niche model due to low sales and because the C Class is soon set to get another coupe model, this time with a boot.

The rumors are based on the fact that the Juiz de Fora plant Mercedes owns in Brazil will soon receive new equipment, in order to manufacture the Actros commercial truck. As such, it seems that there will be no place left to produce the CLC hatch.

The report has yet to be confirmed by Mercedes-Benz, but we wouldn’t be too shocked if it turns out to be true. Will you miss the CLC? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Web Motors via Autoblog

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