Mercedes-Benz E Class Convertible gets detailed, 2 videos and photo gallery included |

Mercedes-Benz has finally decided to reveal its upcoming E Class Convertible model, which you can call everything from a cabriolet to a cabrio. The point is, it will replace the CLK convertible model, and will be based on the already available E Class coupe.

The very attractive model will appear on the market in March, 2010, and will share many similarities with the coupe model, including size and engine options, which range from V6 and four-cylinder diesels to V6 and four-cylinder gasoline ones, and will also include the top-of-the-range V8 gasoline one.

The folding cloth top will go up or down in around 20 seconds, and will still leave a bit of room in the boot for your luggage, just remember to pack light. Two new systems will also be fitted to this new model: the AirCap and AirScarf. The first will consist of a set of deflectors, which will raise from the upper edge of the windshield, and prevent air from entering the cabin. The latter will provide neck-level heating, so that customers can see the sun even in those chilly days.

Overall, I think the new E Class convertible looks great. See for yourself in the photo gallery below, and hit the jump to see a video presentation of the model and a demonstration of the AirCap system.

Photo Gallery: Mercedes-Benz E Class Convertible

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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