mercedes benz s class – 2/2 –

From the Bugatti Veyron, we really haven’t seen a two-tone painted car that looks good, but this Mercedes Benz S Class is quite amazing. “Responsible” for this creation is the German company ART Tuning. Besides the great paint, the car features a new body kit, which includes new front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirt with diffuser and trunk lid spoiler plus 20 inch special alloy wheels and a 356 mm lowered suspension.

ART also made some power upgrades and now the 5.4 liter engine produces 296 kW / 403 hp, 11 kW / 15 hp more than the production version. The torque has also been increased from 530 Nm to 550 Nm. The sport exhaust system with sport rear silencer is displayed through four hard-chromed polished tail pipes measuring 80 mm in diameter.

The interior is finished in mocca and sandy beige leather and comes with a sport steering wheel with paddle shifters, electric curtain set for the rear and velours carpet set. What’s cool is that a refrigerator can also be installed in the rear center console upon request.


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