Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold ‘Nightmare’ –

Actually, the car’s name is Red Gold Dream, but considering we’ve gone half blind when we saw it, we couldn’t call it a dream, on the contrary, most be one of the most hideous creations ever. This red nightmare was created by Swiss designer Ueli Anliker and it was unveiled at the Auto Emotionen tuning show in Berne, Switzerland. This abominable car is the result of 30,000 work hours and $4.35 million invested in it. Why so much you ask? Well, to decorate the SLR, they used 500 rubys and a lot of 24k gold. And this is an excellent proof that if you use expensive materials doesn’t mean you get a work of art. Oh, and not to mention the horrible body kit, I mean, what’s with that front spoiler, reminds me a little from the Alien monster. Anyway, we’re not saying the creators didn’t put a lot of work into this car, but for Christ’s sake, next time please consult a real designer.

Photo Gallery: Mercedes Benz SLR 999 Red Gold Dream


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