Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG spreads its gullwings and flies onto the Mercedes Museum, video and photos included |

By now almost any fan has heard of Mercedes-Benz’s newest supercar, the SLS AMG. The company aimed for a retro look and based the design on the iconic Gullwing model, making the doors of the new car open vertically, just like the wings of a seagull.

Of course this fact didn’t escape the marketing department at Mercedes-Benz, which arranged for a very special exhibition of the new model at the prestigious Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. Don’t go thinking that they just pushed the car into the museum at night, as the company ordered a crane to lift the car, with its doors open of course, onto the roof of the museum, where it will sit for 10 days, after which it will “take off.”

The operation was pretty impressive, as you can convince yourselves by watching the video below the article. Don’t be shy and share your thoughts on this “maiden flight” of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar.

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