Mercedes ends the marriage with McLaren |

Just as you were enjoying the new SLR spy shots, here I am to burst your bubble. The two companies will part ways in 2009. A Mercedes official said that they will not renew the agreement when it expires.

AMG will be making the new performance coupe from 2010, renaming it SLC. Just to confuse you a little bit more about all the Mercedes acronyms I guess.

Seems that Mercedes wants to focus on its core values again. After ditching Chrysler, they’re trying to get back to basics and be less distracted. They probably feel that their aura of engineering excellence is a bit dented after the reliability problems of the las few years.

The SLR had a moderate success, mainly due to a proce tag of around 452,000 Euros. They sold 1,577 of them, but they were plagued with technical problems.

We can only salute Mercedes returning to its old ways. Remains to be seen what the results will be.

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