Mercedes GP can fight for Formula 1 championship, Schumacher says |

Michael Schumacher’s return is surely one of the biggest events during this season of Formula 1, even though the races have yet to begin.

The German driver has just finished the Jerez testing sessions on the eight overall spot, and says that the Mercedes GP race car is extremely good and that it will definitely put his team in the race for the championship title. In terms of his own performance, Schumacher is quite excited, but still says that without a benchmark to gauge his performance, it is too early to tell how he will perform in the actual races.

“I am fully convinced that we have a car that is able to fight for the championship,” Schumacher told the official Formula One website. “Where we are exactly is hard to say. This is especially true for me as I don’t have the data from last year’s car. To drive a car like this again, it was just that great old feeling I know so well. Nothing comes close. I love that sensation, I always did. It was just that my batteries were empty at the end of 2006 that I retired. I would not have wanted to go on. Now my batteries are fully loaded again.”

The first race of the season will take place in Bahrain on March 14, until then there are still quite a few organized test sessions in which all teams can participate in order to further tweak the race cars and to prepare the drivers.

Source: Autocar

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