Mercedes working at an app store –

Connecting to internet is becoming mainstream and Mercedes want to take advantage of that and establish a new trend for their industry: they are working at an app store, actually one of the first app stores offered by automakers.

The information about their intention came from Mercedes design chief, Gorden Wagener, during an interview for a magazine:
“We have our own telematics research and graphics pre-development operation in Palo Alto (California). In addition, we can imagine developing a so-called ‘Mercedes App Store,’ with apps that make the life of the Mercedes driver even more comfortable. (…) It will take a while before we bring this into cars across the board. The big issue here is the infrastructure. Without a data infrastructure that permits fairly high transmission speeds into the car, it’s no fun and it doesn’t make sense.”

By creating this service app, Mercedes hopes to get a closer relation to its customers.

With no relation to the subject, Mercedes have 200 employees working on its design team, while another 30 stylists work for sister brand Lamborghini or on auto accessories. A fairly large number, I’d say.

So, what do you think about Mercedes’ idea of app store?

[Source: Autonews, Photo]

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