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The Mercury auto car insurance company has been building its name in the industry since 1962. Nowadays, it is considered as part of the top 3 that includes the best insurance providers. Since 2008 the company extended its services to 13 states.

Mercury Auto Car Insurance Company

The best feature of the Mercury auto car insurance company is that it is interested in offering low-cost car insurance to not only individuals, but also families and even businesses (their automobile insurance program designed for businesses got an A+ rating). The less expensive rates are doubled by reliability and convenience, traits that characterize the company because of its financial stability. Their headquarters are located in California where the company is among the market leaders with assets that easily exceed $4 billion. Their service areas benefit from local agents that are capable of creating a personal connection with their customers, ability that helps the Mercury auto car insurance company obtain high appreciation for customer service in almost every review.

When it comes to their products, they offer entire packages that can include liability, comprehensive, collision insurance that are usually the mandatory types of insurances in any state, but also other optional features such as uninsured/underinsured driver coverage and the best of the best is the umbrella policy. This kind of policy means you get extended coverage in case of a more serious accident. It can be purchased in impressive amounts that can go up to $5 million, but it will sure make you feel safer. The extra expenses paid out of your pocket will become a thing of the past!

Through a subsidiary company, the Mercury auto car insurance company also offers Mechanical Breakdown Coverage, a type of coverage that will help you pay the fees related to towing, rental cars, tire protection and other technical details. The coverage can be perceived as being an extension of your factory warranty with no limit when it comes to the amount involved by your claim.

In order to be competitive, the company also provides its clients online quotes, making sure that your personal data is protected. The quote can be obtained over the phone as well or in person. The same rule applies to your payments. That means you can pay your bills online, in person, using the email facility or your phone. Moreover, you can customize your payment plan just like you can customize the features of your Mercury car insurance.

If you are interested in the claims system you should know that the Mercury auto car insurance company provides its customer with a 24 hour claims hotline. If you get into an accident and you need to get your car repaired quickly you can get informed in advance, because the company provides you with a list of approved car repair-shops.

If you are interested in a cheap Mercury auto car insurance you should speak about discounts with the insurance agent, because the company usually offers its customer important discounts and monthly promotions. You can convince the company to offer you these discounts by investing in anti-theft devices, keeping a clean driving record, looking for a multi-car insurance or a multi-car policy.

There are pros and cons in getting insurance from one company rather than the other one, but if pricing is your most significant criteria, Mercury auto car insurance is a great choice, because the company offers the lowest rates available on the market. However, the company isn’t specialized in more particular types of car insurance such as classic car insurance. But for our daily cars, the Mercury auto car insurance company is definitely a great choice.

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