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Mercury was a division of the Ford Motor Company that was founded in 1939. The name comes from the Greek mythology and it stands for “the messenger of the gods”. At the beginning this brand was known because of its performance. Ford manufactured a lot of Mercury models that, over time, have become icons of their era.

One of the most significant Mercury classic cars is the Mercury S-55 that can be described as a full-size performance car. The “S” that’s part of the car’s name suggests that the car belongs to the Special line. The S-55 was manufactured for the first time in 1962 and was kept in production until 1963.  In 1966 the company decided to reintroduce it in production. This model was manufactured in four different body styles: a 4 door Breezeway Hardtop, a 2 door Convertible, a 2 door Breezeway Hardtop and in 1963 it was produced as a 2 door fastback version.

Mercury S-55

In 1967, Mercury S-55 was manufactured as an option package for the Monterey series. The features of this car were the same as for the 1966 Mercury. It had the same 428 Super Marauder engine, a deluxe sound system and a high performance suspension. The 1967 Mercury S-55 was available on the market in two versions: two doors convertible and two doors hardtop.

Mercury S-55

This Mercury classic car didn’t have the success that the company wanted. The reason was that the performances of the car were inappropriate for its luxury aspirations. It was also very similar to other cars produced by Mercury and, at some point, it started to look more and more like a Lincoln.

As a result, the Mercury division of Ford decided to promote a new car, the S-55 Sports Package that had the glamour and the special touches of the S-55, but had the extra features that made it the most impressive car available in that year on the market. Those extra features included a dual exhaust, a 428 cubic inch engine with a four barrel carburetor, deluxe wheel covers and front disc brakes

The engine was manufactured from a special iron alloy and had hydraulic valve lifters. It produced more than 345 horsepower at 4,600 rotations per minute. The S-55 fastback was 220.4 inches long by 79.4 inches wide and it was only 55.1 inches tall. The wheelbase had 123 inches and the total weight of the car was of only 4,301 pounds.

Only 570 units of the two doors hardtop model and 145 units of the convertible type were manufactured and became available on the market. The most important pluses of Mercury classic cars are rarity, reasonable handling for its size and good performance. Therefore, an investment would be wise.

All the Mercury classic cars had a good reputation of “hot cars” and were really fast for the era when they were manufactured, being able to be strong competitors. Even if the production of Mercury cars was dropped, nowadays, Ford still maintains this brand alive. The reason is that even if Mercury isn’t a great brand, it still fills a gap that Ford thinks is necessary to be filled.

I hope that I offered you an occasion to find interesting information about the Mercury classic cars. It’s amazing to go back in time and find all about the car industry that was starting to develop back then. I can tell you that these cars are rare and if you are an admirer of classic cars you should definitely see them as a good investment.

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