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Shipping military cars isn’t as simple as shipping normal cars. Military car shipping can only be performed by transport companies, or vehicle shipping corporations that execute transports and shipping exclusively for the military. Don’t think these services are used to transport military equipment or armored vehicles such as tanks or APC-s and such. That is a completely different branch. Military shipping companies are usually used to transport the vehicles that belong to family members of military personnel.

If you have a friend or relative that’s currently in active service, you’ll know that they are in constant movement. They have to move from place to place, or across states, and sometimes even countries. Usually the military covers the moving costs and other expenses that might appear on the road. Common items such as household objects and cars are transported via plane or carrier. Yet, most of them own cars. Since these cars cannot be transported by the military, these people need to look for companies that are based on military car shipping. If none can be found they drive the cars themselves.

Car shipping companies that provide shipping services exclusively for military families possess great knowledge and understanding regarding military transport systems. They also have a great deal of respect for the military. The other transport companies that provide transport for military vehicles, must have active connections with the different branches of the military, or should be placed near different military bases.

Today, there are a certain set of shipping companies that offer their services exclusively to the military. Once the military personnel have picked a shipping company, the shipping processes are just about the same as other kinds of car shipping. These shipping services can offer a wide range of shipping services such as enclosed or open car shipping , door to door shipping or, where possible, terminal to terminal shipping. Such services guarantee increased safety form harm or other damage, but it is a bit pricier than the open car shipping service.

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The door to door shipping service means that the military personnel will pick up your car from your doorstep and ship it to the designated destination. Terminal to terminal shipping is a bit different, because you have to drive the car to the terminal in order to be picked up by the military personnel. Military car shipping that uses the door to door shipping service, needs the owner to be at home at the moment when the car is supposed to arrive. If not there are certain protocols to be taken into consideration, since the shippers will have to send the vehicle back to the terminal or impound it.

Since military car shipping companies have great respect for the military, they offer several discounts and some special offers in order to make everything easier. Some shipping companies go even further, to actually assigning a certain driver when they are transporting a car that is owned by an officer.

Military vehicles that are used in training or actual combat, such as trucks or weapon carriers, are mostly shipped by the military alone. However there had been situations when, because of the massive range of equipment and weaponry that had to be displaced, the military got in touch with private shipping companies that shipped those vehicles for them. They only target particular shipping companies that can assure them an increased transport speed. They cannot afford to wait in line as normal customers would therefore, a special contract is made in which the military asks for a guarantee that the shipper can make the transport a lot faster.

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