mini beachcomber concept –

Big news for Mini fans, as the British company has just unveiled the new Beachcomber concept, which is set to preview the Countryman crossover model that the brand will launch next year.

Influenced by the historical Mini Moke, the new Beachcomber is rather striking to look at and resembles early Jeep Wrangler models due to the pillar-less design. It reflects the future look and seating arrangement of the upcoming Countryman, as well as the ALL4 all-wheel drive system, patented by the British brand.

The Beachcomber is also powered by the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine which will be appearing next year and boasts fabric panels which can be installed to protect its inhabitants from nature’s elements. Besides this, the off-road nature is highlighted by the big ground clearance, as well as the good attack angles and heavy duty tires.

The inside seems similar to other Mini models, but also has a few elements like the rubber floor mats, which remind its inhabitants it is great off road. Expect such a cabin, with more regular elements, to also appear in the final production-ready variant of the Countryman crossover.

Take a look at the pictures in the photo gallery below and share your thoughts about this intriguing concept, which will make its first appearance at the Detroit Auto Show in January, 2010, by leaving a comment.

Photo Gallery: Mini Beachcomber concept


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