Mini Cooper S gets customized by TopCar and Russian designer Denis Simachev –

Seeing as how many people who want to stand out from the rest of the pack opt for Mini models, Russian tuning company TopCar teamed up with one of the biggest upcoming designers and artists from its country, Denis Simachev, to create two unique limited edition Mini Cooper S series.

In order to make it stand out more, the tuners created a new body kit, called “Bully”, designed to inspire a more aggressive appearance. Comprised of an aluminum sports grille, daytime running lights, a rear diffuser plus a set of 18-inch alloy wheels, the body kit completes handling upgrades like a new exhaust system or a set of Brembo brakes.

As we revealed above, there will be two limited editions, of 25 models, based on the tuned Mini Cooper S. The first is the Mini Cooper Bully by Simachev, which you can check out above. It uses an special paint scheme, with glossy black and pearl white, while throwing carbon fiber trim on the inside like nobody’s business.

The second limited edition is the Mini Cooper Bully Moscow, which also saw a unique design made by Simachev be imprinted on the side. Thanks to a special paint, the imprint will change colors depending on how the light hits the compact city car, ranging from blue to green or black.

In case you’re interested to spend your rubles, the Cooper Bully is set to premiere at Top Marques Monaco on April 15, while the Bully Moscow is set to be unveiled on April 17 at Simachev’s Shop and Bar in Moscow.

Source: WCF

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