Mini Countryman gets Getaway package |

The Mini Countryman has definitely changed a few things for the British brand, now under BMW control. For one thing, the Mini isn’t so mini anymore, a fact approved by some but hated by others.

Mini knows this compact crossover won’t appeal to those with a hunger for a stylish city car, so it is promoting the Countryman as a ‘getaway’ model (no, don’t think of bank heists). In order to further drive the point home, the carmaker has now revealed the 2011 Countryman Getaway package.

For just €306, Europeans will be able to get everything they need for a quick picnic or country outing straight form the carmaker. Included in the package are two folding seats, which can be put together as a table (extra seats are available for a higher cost), a ‘five-in-one cover’, which can be used for either a picnic blanket, a poncho, a sleeping bag or a bed cover, and an apparel kit, consisting of a set of boots, a Mini t-shirt and a parka.

Overall, if you really enjoy pulling over the car and enjoying the scenic beauty, then this new Getaway package might be the right thing.

Source: Mini

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