Mini Coupe and Roadster models to appear in early 2011 –

Mini is a brand which has consistently generated its parent company, BMW, some pretty big sales. But new models are needed so that rivals like the Fiat 500 won’t take the British brand down. The two biggest bets for the company are the Coupe and Roadster models, already being previewed as concepts at various motor shows.

But even though Mini isn’t saying anything about when the two concept will appear on the market, a new report indicates that pre-production models should be coming off the Oxford assembly line as soon as July 2010, and that the production of the final cars should start around October.

This means that dealers will have the Mini Coupe and Roadster models in Europe at the beginning of 2011, and in the US around the middle or end of that year.

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Source: MotoringFile via Autoblog

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