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It seems that Mini’s release schedule has been leaked and the guys at MotoringFile have gotten a copy, as they have just revealed that the UK brand, owned by BMW, will be presenting its eagerly anticipated Crossover model at the Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of 2010.

The schedule also mentions the presentation of the Coupe and Roadster concepts at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which have already been presented in Europe during the Frankfurt convention, which we reported on.

Besides these models, other types of Mini versions will also see the light of day, codenamed R55/R56/R57, somewhere around the date of the Geneva Motor Show.

While these things are still speculation, it would be great to see the new Crossover model at the beginning of next year. Are you looking forward to these new models in the Mini lineup? Share your view in a comment below.


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While the title may seem a bit confusing, bear with me. Many people are familiar with Head Up Displays, especially if you like to play video games. These things reveal any valuable information right on your screen. BMW implemented this sort of technology in its 5 Series models, which displayed different information like the speed of the car.

But the engineers at the Bavarian company aren’t resting on their laurels, and have announced that they will introduce in the future 5 Series and other models from the manufacturer a new version of this display. Dubbed “Head Up High“, it will display many other types of information besides speed, like navigation pointers, the speed limit on that current road and other such things.

It will do this in three dimensions, with the driver being able to select which details to be displayed at the front, he will also be able to perform other tasks such as switching radio stations while looking at his windshield. As another innovation, the new display will use a lot of colors, instead of the monochrome one, in the old system.

This system has already been tested with the Mini Crossover Concept and confidence is the project is quite high. Do you believe it will be a viable way of offering information to the driver without diverting his attention from the road? Drop a comment below.


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Officially unveiled today, the Mini Crossover Concept will be making its world debut at next month’s Paris Motor Show. The concept follows the styling from the other models in the MINI range, the Cooper and the Clubman, and will be starting point for the British company’s upcoming crossover, the Crossman. It actually looks like a Cooper on steroids, but still, that doesn’t mean it’s ugly, on the contrary, it’s quite interesting.

The concept also comes with some new features, such as the asymmetrical door arrangement (regular doors on the passenger’s side, while on the driver’s side we have a regular front door and a sliding back door, which allow easier access for people, dogs, luggage or whatever you want to transport), the folding roof cover extending throughout the entire length of the roof, which can be opened both from the front and from the rear, the new MINI Center Globe (the round Central Display allows you to control all entertainment, telecommunication and navigation functions, plus the speedometer function around its outer circumference) or the MINI Centre Rail, a fastening rail that extends from the dashboard all the way to the tailgate of the car. You can read more about the car in the official press release.

So, what do you think about the car? To be honest, I was quite skeptical about Mini building a crossover, but after seeing this concept (can’t wait to see it live at the French show), I think they really have a winner here.

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