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It’s a historical day for Mini, as road testing of its first electric model, the Mini E, has begun in Oxford, UK. The road trial consists of 40 members of the public using the new cars as part of their daily lives, leasing them from the UK company for £330.

“This is a historic day for Mini and for the BMW Group” said BMW’s UK managing director Tim Abbott. “It is fitting that the brand with its inspiration in the oil crisis of the 1950s is again at the forefront of energy efficiency with a car that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”

BMW is set to supervise this first testing stage, with a second to begin next year. Everything from the psychological and social aspects of using an electric car to the stress it is subjecting the power grid, as the Bavarian company also partnered with Scottish and Southern Energy

If the trial goes smoothly, expect the new Mini E to appear around 2011-2012, and play a big part in the fleet of cars the German car company is preparing for the

Source: Autocar

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