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Mini, as its name implied, stood for compact vehicles made for zipping around the city. After BMW took over the British brand, the models got a bit larger, but fans didn’t complain, as they were still great for city travel.

Now, Mini is preparing to launch its biggest model ever, in the form of the Countryman crossover. From increased size to the ALL4 all-wheel drive or the larger ground clearance, this crossover doesn’t even seem like it would belong in the Mini range.

Now, a new report says that the British brand is pondering the idea of an even larger version of the Countryman, with a longer wheelbase and a third row of seats, in order to accommodate seven people.

While the rumor does have some weight, we’re highly reserved about it. Mini already has planned the Coupe and Roadster models to appear at the end of the year, alongside the Countryman. Couple that with the possibility of a revived Mini Moke, based on the Beachcomber concept, and the lineup is already getting pretty big.

Would a larger, seven-seat Countryman make any sense? Share your thoughts below.

Source: AutoExpress

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