MINI reveals Coupe and Roadster Concepts, photos and controversial ad included –

As Vlad revealed last month, MINI was preparing the Coupe Concept for its premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is going on these days in the German city. But besides that concept, the BMW-owned company also revealed the Roadster Concept, which is basically a convertible version of the Coupe, featuring a folding soft top.

Except the roof, the models are the same, and are due to enter production soon, at the Oxford plant in the United Kingdom. Besides a more aggressive line, the chassis shared by the two concepts will be more rigid and have a larger boot.

Equipped with the turbocharged 1.6 liter engine, capable of delivering 175 horses and 240 Nm, the new model will borrow from the MINIMALISM concept, as it will carefully balance a good fuel economy with sporty driving. As an added bonus, a special dial will be outfitted beside the revcounter, which will reveal just how ecological is your driving, and signal the best time to change gears.

Either way, if you prefer a normal roof on your car or a manually foldable one, these two new MINI concepts will definitely satisfy you. Further details on price, when they will enter production and feature lists will be added once they are available. Until then, enjoy this rather controversial ad of the two models.

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