Mini reveals the track for its Porsche challenge, wants someone to drive a 911 |

Today, June 21, Mini USA wants to race Porsche USA in a Cooper S versus 911 race at the Road Atlanta circuit.

Sadly, as you all know, Porsche has politely declined the challenge, calling out Mini to enter formal races, not ones ‘just for show’.

Still, that hasn’t swayed Mini, which has just revealed two interesting pieces of information ahead of the race set to be held today.

First is the actual track on which the cars will race. As you can see, the actual Road Atlanta circuit isn’t used, as a make-shift autocross track was erected in the ‘School Course and Training Area’. Even though Mini says it balances out the tight and twisty corners made for the Cooper S’ go-kart handling with straights that put the 911’s power to an advantage, it does seem like the track was tailored more for the Mini.

Secondly, seeing as how Porsche doesn’t want to formally attend the challenge, even after being tempted with Justin Bieber tickets or other such things, Mini offers a 911 Carrera S to anyone willing to race it against the Cooper S.

The race is set to take place today, and over 400 seats are guaranteed by Mini to those who want to watch. No word yet on how things are going with the recent challenge Hyundai has issued to Mini, but we’ll keep you up to date.

Source: Mini USA Facebook

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