MINI Rolls Royce edition spied, production not confirmed |

The Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the most anticipated cars and it has been called by many the new ‘baby Rolls’. But if that’s the ‘baby’, what do you call this MINI? It features a Royal Blue paint finish, restyled bodykit and new alloy wheels, while the interior is covered in cream leather and high-quality walnut veneer.

So, what’s up with this model? Well, the car was confirmed by a MINI spokesman, who said that it was created for a recent dealer event, but the odds of this model going into production are very slim. “MINI is known for successfully marketing special edition models. But for every 100 that are proposed, 99 don’t make the final cut,” the spokesman said. However, Auto Express reports that the company will soon present a limited edition MINI based on another BMW owned brands. So stay tuned, because once we have more details, we’ll let you know.

Photo Gallery: MINI Cooper Rolls Royce Edition

[Source: Auto Express]

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