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On October 31, Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Wolfsburg reopened and one of its coolest attraction is a mirror finish Bugatti Veyron. Created by Russian artist Olaf Nicolai, the Veyron was placed in a mirrored room and the car’s bodywork is basically a reflective area in which the observer sees himself reflected back ad infinitum from the mirrors, thus becoming part of the exhibit. Really cool stuff if you ask us.

The Volkswagen Autostadt is a 25 hectare theme park which was visited by two million people last year and by 17 million since its opening in 2000. The park features a museum, feature pavilions for each manufacturer in the Volkswagen Group, a customer centre where German customers can pick up new cars, and take a tour through the enormous factory, a guide to the evolution of roads, and cinema in a large sphere.

Source: Carpages

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