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Mistery Machine

It seems that the original Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, created by Hanna-Barbera Productions is up for sale on eBay. Volo Auto Museum listed this modified Dodge A-100 van from the 1963 and they expect to get at least $25,000. However, taking into consideration that it is a no reserve auction, you might grab it for even less.

Vin Diesel’s Chevy Chevelle from Fast and Furious 4

If the Mystery Machine is not your cup of tea, why not buy a car from the popular and very successful Fast & Furious franchise? Up for sale are a Chevrolet Chevelle, a Buick Regal and a Chevrolet Monte Carlo from Tokyo Drift.

Robocop’s 1988 Ford Taurus

In addition, you could get your hands on Robocop’s police car that comes bundled with a silicon robo-suit that was used by the stunt driver. Other cars that you could get are the VW Beetle from Herbie: Fully Loaded (driven by Lindsay Lohan) and other vehicles from Indiana Jones 4 and The Dark Knight.

Source: eBay, Chicago Sun Times via WCF

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