Mitsubishi is developing EVs and full hybrids

In the next four years Mitsubishi plans on launching hybrid and electric versions for its entire lineup. The first car to result from this move is a plug-in hybrid version of the Outlander which will be out in the first part of 2013. The SUV will be able to return 140 mpg UK on the combined cycle and it will run in electric mode for up to 25 miles.

Lance Bradley who is the managing director of the automaker’s UK branch said that with this greener version of the Outlander they’ll (hopefully) be able to grab some of the customers that up until now bought a Lexus RH450h or other less premium cars. He didn’t say what other cars will be electrified or hybridized but there is a big chance that the ASX will probably get a plug-in variant. In addition, the successor of the Lancer will most likely get a similar powertrain. As a reminder, the Lancer was discontinued due to the reason that it wasn’t profitable for the Japanese company.

Chances are that we’ll also get to see an electric version of the Mirage city car which as you know is motivated by a 3-cylinder gasoline engine. Mitsubishi also plans on launching hybrid versions for some of its commercial models, including the popular L200.

Source: Mitsubishi via

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