Mobile charging stations for electric vehicles may appear in the future |

Electric vehicles are soon going to become part of everyday life, as full pledge ones like the Nissan Leaf or extended-range ones like the Chevrolet Volt will be available for the large public.

This doesn’t mean that the infrastructure is up to par with the charging requirements these new models have. As such, the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has come up with a new idea: mobile charging stations.

Basically, electric cars will connect to a general mainframe and inform it about the location where it is usually running out of power. These mobile charging stations will then be deployed in that area, in order to supply EVs with power. At night, the charging stations will fill up their own batteries, so as to not stress the power grid.

If these charging stations will become reliable enough, this might downright eliminate range anxiety for plenty of future EV owners.

Source: New Scientist via Gizmodo

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