Moms Getting Help to Find the Perfect Minivan Fit –

Many times, moms from around the world feel confused when it comes to choosing the suitable car for them and their child, adapted to their needs and to their financial possibilities.

So, in order to solve the situation in which a mom realizes that she should have chosen a totally different car, has created a program to help people to exit their lease contracts by only transferring the contract to someone else interested in the offer. Actually, the entire system leaves moms to trade between one another without using a dealer, which makes it easier and more convenient for busy parents.

The minivan transactions, for example, have increased 7.5 percent since the program began this year, and the members involved in transactions usually belong to the same demographic segment. Apparently, the most undecided or the ones who mostly change their mind when it comes to cars are moms – 67 percent of the persons who use this contract transferring program are moms.

Do you find this option useful? Which might be the problems with those car transactions?

[Source: Motherproof]

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