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Monster trucks are born from competition, and when Joey Sylvester, driver of the Bad Habit truck saw that Big Foot set a new world record for the longest jump, with 202 feet traveled in the air, he set forth to break that achievement. Sadly, things didn’t go so well in the first test run, with Sylverster crashing the truck into the dirt landing… …read the full post

Monster trucks fascinate quite a lot of people. Perhaps it’s because most of us dream of having such huge machines under our control and stomp out the daily traffic jams encountered in our commutes. But even though those trucks have attempted and achieved quite a lot of stunts, there was always one thing which eluded the huge machines: a backflip…. …read the full post

Once again, eBay is the place for the weirdest most interesting cars we get to see around here. And here’s the latest one, put up for auction today. This thing you see here is a Corvette monster truck, built on a Ford platform. Cool, huh? The car was built by some dude in Hastings, Michigan, has a Chevrolet Corvette body placed on a 1976 Ford… …read the full post