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Mopar V10 8.4-liter engine

At SEMA 2011 this week, Mopar has introduced a brand new V10 8.4-liter crate engine that has been specifically developed for drag racing. The power unit is hand assembled and has an aluminum block, a JTEC controller and a forged steel crankshaft. It manages to develop 800 hp (811 PS / 597 kW) and a peak torque of 695 lb.-ft (941 Nm).

If this is a little too much for your tastes, Mopar has also brought a high output version of the Gen III 426 Hemi V8 that unleashes “only” 590 hp (598 PS / 440 kW). This power unit weighs 45 kg (100 lbs) less than its predecessor and features billet fuel rails, cast aluminum valve covers, along with an updated windage tray in order to “provide excellent oil dispersion.”

Source: Mopar via WCF

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2012 Mopar Jeep Wrangler

If you want to get your hands on the new 2012 Jeep Wrangler, you might want to empty your bank account and opt for some of the Mopar accessories available for it. The list of accessories is vast, from grab handles that cost $18 to a camper trailer for those of you who are hardcore offroaders which costs a whopping $12,000.

2012 Mopar Jeep Wrangler

For $612 you might want to order the winch-capable front bumper that has integral tow hooks, or you could opt for the 10 x 10 tent that has a 6 x 6 screen room  that will set you back $355. Other than that, you can buy the spare tire-mounted bike carrier that is available for $169 or the ready-to-paint steel half doors that cost $1,100 for the front ones and $1,150 for the rear ones.

2012 Mopar Jeep Wrangler

You might also consider purchasing the aluminum black-tube side steps that come with rubber step pads for the two-door Wrangler (priced at $330) or for the four-door model (priced at $398).

2012 Mopar Jeep Wrangler

Aside from these cool accessories, Mopar also offers an extensive array of other items for the 2012 Jeep Wrangler, like sill guards, seat covers or wheels.

2012 Mopar Jeep Wrangler

Source: Mopar via Inside Line

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Chrysler, even though it isn’t the best economical situation, wants to keep its hardcore fans happy.

That’s why it has just revealed a new limited edition series, entitled the Mopar ’10 Challenger.

It is based on the capable Dodge Challenger R/T, and is equipped with basically all of the options you can get from the Mopar accessories and performance catalog.

The Mopar ’10 Challenger uses the same 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine, but it is now equipped with a hood venting system, cold air intake, unique engine cover and a front and strut-tower braces. No word yet if these mods will augment the power output, but the stock 372 HP isn’t that bad either.

On the outside, things like a darkened grille, black wheels, a functional hood vent and hood pins are available. All of the Mopar ’10 Challenger models will be decorated with the brilliant black clear coat, and a choice of either red, blue or silver decals.

For the interior, Chrysler and Mopar fitted Katzkin leather seats, special gear shifters, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and, as usual, a serialized plaque for each car.

Just 500 Mopar ’10 Challenger models will be built, so you’d better act fast if you want all this Mopar goodness sitting in your driveway. The automatic costs $38,000, including destination charges, while the manual costs $1,000 more.


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In recent times Chrysler hasn’t been doing so well in the eyes of the mainstream market, with Fiat’s plans taking things slow for the Pentastar brand. In the eyes of the enthusiasts at this year’s traditional Easter Jeep Safari, the company is still doing fine.

That’s why Chrysler, together with its performance division, Mopar, has revealed eight new concepts, built off of Jeep Wranglers, Patriots as well as Dodge Ram trucks. We previewed some of them a few weeks ago, but now they’re here in the living body work, and we have to say that the results are extremely impressive.

Hit the jump to see all of the Chrysler Mopar concepts revealed at the 2010 Easter Jeep Safari.

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In an attempt to sway muscle car fans into its direction, Dodge has just revealed that customers who buy its retro-looking Challenger will receive $2,000 worth of accessories from its performance division, Mopar.

The so-called Mopar Bucks can be spent on anything the customers wants, from performance parts, to visual accessories or even extended maintenance and things like that. We already revealed to you a few months ago many of the Mopar accessories , but a refresher is in order.

The exterior appearance package will cost you $1,995 (what a “coincidence”) and include a body color hood scoop and a rear GO-Wing spoiler plus stripe graphics. For those who want a bit more power, you can opt for the $1,190 cat-back exhaust system, and throw in the $790 interior accessories package, which includes a T-handle shifter and lots of chrome finishes. Classic Mopar T/A hood is also available, for $1,275, while you can also add a rear decklid spoiler, for $316.

Overall, this is a great offer from Dodge, and Challenger fans should hurry up, as it last until April 30th.


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While all of the current “new age” muscle cars try to evoke the appearance of the iconic models, none of them achieve it quite like the Dodge Challenger, which keeps a wide stance, huge size and aggressive design, just like its granddaddy.

But in order to make the muscle car look even more the part, the guys at Mopar have just revealed the special accessories from their 2010 Performance Appearance Package. Bear in mind, these things won’t make it go any faster, but will certainly make the Challenger look like it can.

The exterior kit includes a body color hood scoop, but no word on its functionality, and a body color Go-Wing rear spoiler complete with strobe stripe. The interior package will include a special T-shaped shifter, a “bright” (chrome-finished presumably) pedal kit, just for the automatic version, new door sill guards, premium carpets and a car cover.

The exterior package will cost $1,995 while the interior one will be $945 for the automatic and $780 for the manual one.


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The new Dodge Ram 1500 Sport sure is something with its HEMI V8 engine and aggressive looks, but what about something that shows a bit more exclusivity?

That’s just what the team at Chrysler’s Mopar division thought when they revealed that the Dodge Ram Bianco concept, which will be presented at the end of the week in Las Vegas at the SEMA show.

Boasting a special Arctic Ice pearl paint, the Bianco will be outfitted with various Mopar performance kits like a cold-air intake and a new exhaust system. It will also boast modified fender flares, and a new set of 22-inch dark finished alloy wheels which provide an even more aggressive look when combined with the lowered suspension.

On the inside, the Mopar team really went to town, and fitted black and white Katzkin seats, that match the door trims, and threw in Piano Black and Arctic Ice inserts around the cabin. The audio system has also been upgraded with a special Kicker system, consisting of an amplifier, a subwoofer and new speakers.

Expect this exclusive Dodge Ram to be presented at the end of the week.


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I’m sure most of you guys or gals remember the iconic Jeep, which was used by the American military to go anywhere around the battlefield before those big Humvees destroyed the environment. The Jeep was an icon for ruggedness and offroading taken to the extreme.

But with the newest models released by Chrysler under that brand, there is plenty of room for improvement, as the company’s Mopar performance division has just presented the stunning new Jeep Wrangler Lower Forty, which has been modified to house massive 40-inch tires with 20-inch rims on it, and, of course, as any Mopar concept, is powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine.

Other mechanical aspects include the Getrag 238 six-speed manual gearbox, the Dana 44 front axle and Dana 60 rear one, which have 5.38 gears and ARB air lockers fitted to them. Of course, in order to house the impressive tires, the engineers needed to customize the front and rear fender flares, that are now 1-inch wide and 4 inches higher.

Besides these, on the outside the windshield frame has been chopped and received a 10-degree rake, a carbon fiber hood with a power dome made out of one piece and a new drop-down tailgate with the Jeep logo. A roll cage has also been fitted for safety purposes, and, on the inside, a color-matched center console, instrument panel and special two-tone Katzkin leather seats were installed.

Look forward to this impressive concept at the SEMA show in Las Vegas starting at the end of this week.


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As you all know, the SEMA show is approaching with fast steps, starting this week in Las Vegas and showcasing the best of the best in aftermarket performance parts for almost every car imaginable. As always, Chrysler’s Mopar division will bring plenty of interesting concepts and performance packages for the models made by the American brand.

One of the most interesting ones will be the new Dodge Challenger 1320, named after the 1,320 feet that a classic quarter-mile drag strip covers. It will basically be a road-legal drag car, based on the Drag Pak Challenger race car. Powered by Mopar’s special 426 cubic-inch HEMI V8 engine, which outputs 556 HP with a big 540 lb-ft of torque, you can be sure that this Challenger will fly from the stop lights, leaving the others in its dust.

Other technical details included the rear-wheel drive transmission, which consists of a six-speed manual gearbox that includes a custom Dynatrac rear housing and special Dana 60 internals from Mopar and an ARB locking differential. In order to handle the extra power, a four-corner adjustable coil-over suspension kit from Mopar has been added.

The outside is also quite interesting, sporting a non-metallic yellow pain and matte black graphics, with Mopar police wheels fitted to a set of Nitto street legal drag tires. You can also admire the hood scoop made of carbon fiber, the front spoiler and the grille panel, as well as the interior which has been stripped out to reduce weight and sees the addition of two racing seats from the Dodge Viper model.

What do you think about this model? Will amateur drag racers be attracted by it? Don’t be shy to drop a comment below.


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The 2009 Dodge Ram TRXtreme, which will be on display at this year’s SEMA Show is a more extreme off-road interpretation of the 2009 Ram TRX package. Designed by Mopar Underground, the car is fitted with a Mopar lift kit that raises the car by another 4.5 inches, Mopar aftermarket telescoping mirrors, Mopar bed accessory sysem, Mopar dual exhaust system and a one-off steel hood with cooling louvres and larger grille.

The car’s look is completed by the 20 inch Mopar polished and forged wheels. For the exterior, Mopar used a bright yellow and mineral grey two-tone paint finish, plus a set of Mopar wheel flares, a wheel-to-wheel Mopar tube step and a box rail painted to match the rest of the car. The interior also received some goodies, like a Mopar navigation system, DVDs incorporated in the headrests and Mopar leather seats by Katzkin.


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More and more producers and customizers are announcing their creations which will be exhibitioned at the SEMA show, set to take place this November in Las Vegas, Nevada. The latest announcement was made by Dodge, in the embodiment of their special concept Dodge Ram pick-up truck. Their top of the range R/T version, standing for Road/Track, will be customized by Mopar, their special performance division. The biggest modification will be the new engine, a massive 5.7 litre HEMI V8 which can develop about 390 hp, taking the big pick-up truck from 0 to 100 km/h or 62 mph in a very impressive 5.6 seconds.

Other changes to the iconic pick-up truck will be the additions of a full bodykit, with a special alluminium hood taken from the Challenger muscle car, with carbon fiber accents, and a hard tonneau finished with an integrated spoiler. On the outside, the agressive look is completed with the addition of 22-inch wheels and a lowered suspension. On the inside, Dodge promises a special, more sportier trim line and custom leather seats.


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