More details on the upcoming Audi A7

Today, Car Magazine published more details on Audi’s upcoming four-door sedan, the Audi A7. The car will be built on Audi’s next generation lightweight aluminum A6 platform and will be offered with a range of V6 engines, like the 2.8 liter FSI or the 3.0 liter turbo. Power will be transfered via six and seven speed manual, automatic and S-tronic gearboxes. Of course, Audi will also offer S7, RS7 and coupe-cabrio (rendered above) versions. The top of the line RS7 will be powered by the 5.0 liter twin-turbo V10, while the S7 will get the same engine, but delivering less power. Also, it looks like Audi is planning on offering a hybrid version. Though only rumors so far, estimated starting price will be at around $73,000.

Car Magazine says that Audi will have problems with its competitors already available on the market, but I wouldn’t agree with that, because let’s take the Q7 for example. Mercedes and BMW had a SUV in the range long before Audi, but that didn’t stop the Q7 from becoming a big success for Audi. And I think the same will happen with the A7, which starts to look like a very promising car.

Car Magazine (Via Autoblog)

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