More Efficient Audi A1 1.6 TDI Hits UK –

Audi A1 1.6 TDI

If you live in the United Kingdom and you want to avoid paying the road tax and the congestion charge, you can opt for the recently introduced Audi A1 1.6 TDI which can be yours for at least 14,480 pounds. They managed to reduce the CO2 emissions down to 99 g/km in comparison to the older one that had 105 g/km by optimizing the fuel system and the ECU. The A1’s combined fuel economy is rated at 74.3 mpg (in comparison to 70.6 mpg).

This frugal Audi A1 is powered by a 1.6 TDI engine that produces 104 hp (105 PS / 77 kW) and has a peak torque of 184 lb.-ft (250 Nm), allowing the car to do the 0-62 mph sprint in 10.5 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 118 mph (190 km/h).

PS: It all sounds great but I’d still get a gasoline engine…

Source: Audi UK via WCF

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