Most fights in cars are over directions, survey says |

A new survey conducted in the UK by car accessories retailer Halfords showcases some interesting trends in terms of arguments or fights in a car.

According to the data taken from 2,200 participants, 70% of them admitted to arguing in a car at least once a month. What’s more worryingly is that 17 percent admitted to fighting at least once a week.

According to the data from the survey, one third of all these fights occur over directions. It seems that navigation is one of the most sensitive subjects, especially in the case of married couples.

The blame for the fighting is, as you can imagine, pinned on the other person. 65% of people said that their partner started bickering about their navigation skills, while 85% of passengers got angry because the driver won’t stop and ask for directions (Hello, Captain Obvious!).

The biggest take away from this survey is that people should definitely buy a satellite navigation system and keep the fighting to a minimum, as it distracts the driver, and can have serious consequences. Also, according to a third of respondents, the post-fight period when the car is drenched in a tense silence is the worst part of arguing in a vehicle.

Source: New York Times via Jalopnik
Photo Source: Decoupling Blog

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