MotorTrend picks Subaru Forester as the Sport/Utility Of The Year |

The Subaru Forester won this year’s MotorTrend’s Sport/Utility Of The Year and we really think the car deserves the the award. This summer we had the chance to test drive the car, and we were really impressed with its performance, especially on offroad. On normal roads and in the city, we weren’t very impressed with it, but then again, we had the 150 hp 2.0 petrol engine, while MotorTrend had the chance to see it at work with the more powerful 230 hp 2.5 XT engine.

And here’s how MotorTrend justified their pick: “It takes only a few miles to begin to appreciate the Forester’s many virtues. It does everything most SUV buyers need-with more off-road capability than they’ll likely use-yet remains friendly and carlike in its character. In many ways, the Forester represents the new SUV paradigm; it’s the right vehicle for the times.”

Source: MotorTrend

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