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UK-based car manufacturer and Formula 1 team McLaren has just revealed its newest model and the first to be made completely in-house: the McLaren MP4-12C. The new supercar will have 600 HP from the 3.8 liter engine and reach 60 mph or 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

As you all know, McLaren has been associated with German manufacturer Mercedes for quite some time, collaborating both in Formula 1 and in terms of road cars, with the most recent example being the Mercedes McLaren SLR, which has recently reached the end of its lifecycle. After seeing that the partnership won’t continue, as the Germans already have prepared the Mercedes SLS AMG, the racing company decided to unveil its new, upcoming model, the MP4-12C.

As any self respecting manufacturer with racing roots, McLaren has put together all of its Formula 1 expertise and implemented many technologies used in its track cars. This is highlighted by the fact that it has the MP4 moniker, which was used in all of the racing cars up until now. The 12 will represent the value that McLaren believes it has against its opposition while the C comes from the Carbon fiber heavily used in its body.

One of the crowning achievements from the UK-based manufacturer will undoubtedly be the engine, which although isn’t of an impressive size, “only” 3.8 liter, has twin-turbos attached to the regular V8 body. Center-housed, of course, it will deliver 600 horse power and a torque of 600 Nm or 442 lb-ft. The first engine completely produced by the company, it will also have plenty of its systems borrowed from the racing team. As such, more that 80 % of the aforementioned torque will be available at under 2000 rpm, which is very impressive and will lead it to 100 km/h or 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. For the Eco-conscious drivers out there, rest assured, as the estimated emissions are pegged at around 300 grams of CO2/km, which is great considering the top speed with be at around 320 km/h.

This engine will be connected to a custom built dual-clutch gearbox from McLaren called Seamless Shift, which boasts seven speeds and specific functions which guarantee lightning fast shifts. The driving modes available will be auto, sport, launch control and winter, all of which powering the back wheels of the supercar.

Another fact which needs to be highlighted will be the carbon fiber monocell which will have plenty of F1 elements and weight just 176 lbs or 80 kg. Don’t think that this means it will be flimsy and won’t resist even the smallest scratch as the new carbon fiber technology is more rigid, allowing for better suspension tuning, more resistant to crashes and, as the name implies, is all just one piece. The underside of the car will be completely flat, feature definitely taken from Formula 1 cars, in order to improve airflow. Also, if you consider the front vents on the spoiler as purely cosmetic, think again as they will deliver vital air to the engine.

McLaren also suggest that even though it will have a lot of racing pedigree, there will be plenty of options to make less hardcore drivers feel right at home. From custom leather interiors to navigation or phone connectivity, all of your gadgets will feel right at home in the new MP4-12C.

The estimated arrival date of the model onto the international market is estimated in early 2011, and will fight for the 150-200,000 dollar/euros/pounds price range, with companies like Ferrari or Lamborghini. Look forward to more details about this brilliant supercar in the following months.

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