Mugen-tuned Honda CR-Z quite possible |

Next year’s Honda CR-Z hybrid sports coupe is looking pretty good, and promises to deliver some respectable performance figures for a hybrid Japanese car.

But it seems that Honda’s performance and tuning department, Mugen, believes that there is a lot of wasted potential in the hybrid hatchback, and says that a custom prepped version might hit the market after the release of the CR-Z, which will happen all around the world next year.

Hiroki Toyoda (imagine the jokes he gets with that name), the vice president of Mugen’s European branch, revealed that there is a lot of potential in the hybrid powertrain used by the CR-Z, and that the company will study a lot of performance upgrades for it.

If the Honda CR-Z has awaken your interest, would a Mugen-prepped version make you even more interested? Drop a comment with your view.

Source: Autocar

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