Multifunction Car Keys – from NXP –

If you ever dreamed about a set of car keys which to be able to do much more than they’re actually designed to do, NXP Semiconductors NV has the answer. They’ve created the single-chip solution for multifunction car keys – NCF2970 (KEyLink Lite), which besides opening your car doors, they also pack NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, that little “detail” that allows connecting to different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Here are some of the things those “super” car keys can do: – car finder feature: the GPS coordinates are recorded by the key each time you park your car, so you can easily locate the car whenever you can’t find it. In order to see those coordinates on a map, you have to connect the key to your phone. – route planner: you can set the route of your drive in advance, store it in the key and when actually leaving with the car, transfer it to the GPS device from your car, using NFC. – car self-diagnosis: each diagnostic data can be transferred from you car to your computer using this key, no needing other cables or other special devices. – car status and service data management: that shows you, for example, the fuel level, the service history and important data about that.

– car personalization: the car manufacturers are given the possibility to pre-fit cars with upgraded services that can be later unlocked in the field. So, you can ask for permission for an online request at home, store it in the car key and the new features will be activated automatically when entering the car.

“The car key experience will never be the same again. Drivers will have a whole new connected car experience with a variety of services for comfort, convenience and maintenance, available at the swipe of the ‘smart’ key. By bringing together our industry-leading technology for car access and immobilization with our expertise in NFC, NXP’s KEyLink Lite will open a lot more doors to the world of connected mobility.”

said Drue Freeman, vice president, global sales and marketing, Automotive business unit, NXP semiconductors.

We don’t know when those keys will actually be available on the market, but we really think they are very much awaited.

What do you think about those multifunction car keys: are they a necessity nowadays?

[Source: Marketwatch, Photo]

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