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Driving a car requires the actual driver to be focused on the road and what’s happening around the car at all times. Sadly, with the advent of technology, more and more distractions are becoming responsible for car crashes or other such incidents.

That’s why Ford, with the 2011 iteration of its SYNC infotainment system (specifically the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch versions), will implement a novel new button called ‘Do Not Disturb’.

If pressed, the SYNC system will temporarily block capabilities “not relevant to the task of driving while the vehicle is in motion.”

More specifically, if you have your mobile phone connected via Bluetooth to the SYNC system, it will divert all incoming phone calls to voicemail, while text messages will be stored on the device for later viewing. This won’t affect voice-activated phone calls, or calling the emergency 911 service, but it will help the driver focus on the actual task of driving.

Besides the restrictions made to the phone, the second generation SYNC system will display fewer navigation destinations, and won’t let drivers access the keypad while the car is in motion.

Frankly, with more and more accidents attributed to distracted driving, we think Ford’s initiative should be applauded. What about you? Share your thoughts below.


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Ford is betting big on new technology, and revealed its MyFord Touch system, which was inspired by the movie Minority Report, a few weeks ago.

Now, the first implementation of the new system that aims to incorporate anything from navigation to music and video playback in one simple to use touch screen will be the 2011 Lincoln MKX facelift.

Don’t go expecting to see the MyFord logo popping up when you’ll turn on the new car though, as the luxury brand behaves it doesn’t know its owner and rebranded the system as MyLincoln Touch. Anyway, I’m sure most of the interested customers won’t notice that as they’ll be too busy playing with all the settings and the touch-sensitive sliders which have replaced all the buttons on the center stack.

Expect the system to appear on other Lincoln models soon, and on the premium trim lines of Ford models.


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